Thursday, October 20, 2011

And This Was Thanksgiving 2011!

These girls can be seen conniving all the time. 
You never know what they are up to...
but it keeps us all smiling and wondering.
We just finished celebrating our Thanksgiving weekend.
The weather could not of cooperated more perfectly.

How would you know that a trip to the shop would become eventful and entertaining?

Bikes...Striders, Trikes, Teeter Totters..
Young and old...joined in the fun of playing a balancing act.
Isn't that what the Family is all about?

And finally I gave the cue...
"Dunk the turkey"
the moment they had been waiting for.
So this year we deep fried it outdoors as the weather was superb.
Did you know that it takes about 1 hour to cook a 15 pound turkey?
And it never tasted better.

One little one could not help but pick the freshly cut turkey.
We enjoyed a delicious meal around the family table...
and we were barely finished and I heard the words,
"Can we go out and play in the dark?"
The sun was setting...the evening mist was settling...
out came the jackets, blankets and toques.

And we sat for hours sitting around the campfire,
introducing Smores for some.
Others began to sing...
"You push the handle push the handle out...
the smoke goes up the chimney just the same?"
And on it went, actions and all.
And guess who kept the momentum rolling?
Old time memories were being revisited and
we will all remember this Thanksgiving....2011
We were thankful and recognized God's hand of provision 
in many different ways as we reflected over the past year.


  1. What a great post - thanks for sharing your family's wonderful Thanksgiving celebration - so precious!

  2. Whether few or many, it's wonderful to have your family around for the holidays. I love the idea of a campfire after the turkey - and speaking of turkey, I've never tried it deep fried!

  3. I think you picked the very best day for a family Thanksgiving feast this year! It looks like a fun time for all.

    Maybe you will host a deep-fried turkey for friends dinner one of these years. Deep-fried turkey sounds yummy!

  4. How fun to end around the campfire! Your day looked just right Marg!

  5. Marg, it all looks wonderful. My husband loves deep-fried turkey. It's a wonder he didn't turn up at your house.

  6. We had deep fried turkey once and I loved it! Your day with family looked fun and alike our holiday in many ways, but we usually have cold weather by November, and we have never had a bonfire. Looked fun!
    The best part is always the time with the family!

  7. I love this post Marg. Your family loving being together and such great weather to make it perfect. That deep fried turkey looks so delicious. One of these days we might have to try that route too.

  8. Marg, that sounds wonderful! Your family knows how to have a good time!

  9. What a great thanksgiving celebration. Lovely weather, great turkey dinner, time to relax and the best of company.


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