Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirty Eight Years Later!

  We're still at it!
Thirty Eight Years Later!!!
I'm sure that this is a First and Last in our lives.
We never expected to witness harvesting wheat...and watching the end product.
Check out what we've been creating...and storing for the long winter haul.
Where?  AT MGCC!

 As you can tell...
We are country through and through!
No one will ever take that from us.

 We till the soil and seem to feel an accomplishment when the barns are filled.

 I think there's no question in my mind...that I'm in for the long haul.

The tractor and equipment date our years quite quickly, but I'm quick to state,
"There's no time for boredom or dull moments in our lives."

We've experienced many days of harvesting and working together.
And we won't give up...
The life of the country stirs deep in our roots and  hearts.
I pinch myself daily thinking, it feels just like yesterday.

As you can tell, this has been one memorial event that we will never forget.
And I would choose to live my 38 years with the same guy all over again!!!

We don't take this for granted...
It's our Anniversary and we thank God daily for his hand in our lives...
and we cherish every year that he has given us.


  1. Well...let me be the first to wish you and John a very happy 38th wedding anniversary over here. May there be many more good years together on the road ahead!

    Love the pictures!

  2. Beautiful post Marg. Congratulations on 38 years of marriage. I loved the pictures. I think this might be my favorite post ever.

    Bless you both .. .we love you!

  3. What beautiful photos!
    Thirty-eight years of loving and working side by side - I wish you many more of the same!

  4. Beautiful this post! Congratulations on your anniversary Marg and John!

  5. sHappy Anniversary! Looks like you have had a good life together. Here's to fifty more!

  6. Congratulations! Together you have worked side by side....along life's journey. Your love for each other and for the gift of life is evident.
    Scot and I wish you continued joy and many more good years together. The photos you shared here today are just TEH BEST! With love.

  7. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! and what awesome photos! You surely live in beautiful country.

  8. What beautiful pictures!! You better frame some of them and hang them up. Congratulations to you both! Dairymary

  9. A very happy anniversary Marg and John. I too pray that you will have many more happy and healthy years together, and that your lives be filled with God's continued Grace, Peace, and Joy!

    Love the pictures!

  10. I love the photo of you two on the tractor!! It's a beautiful picture representing the life you live together. Congratulations on 38 years!!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love this post and love the photos of you with your guy! Congratulations on 38 years!

  12. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Wow! 38 years is an amazing accomplishment, we hope you may have many more years together in good health and happiness! lots of lve from Marnix and Corine!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 38 wonderful country years!

  14. Waht a beautiful, original "you" post!! Happy Anniversary! Wishing you blessings for the next 38!

  15. I love this post - it's a real tribute to your marriage and a wonderful description of who you are.

  16. A very Happy Anniversary to you and John!! Wonderful pictures. Many blessings in your years ahead!

  17. thank you for sharing!!!

    and congratulations!

  18. That looks like a lot of work! But the wheat looks beautiful. It must be very satisfying to have such a good harvest.

    Marriage is a lot of work, too! But you both have done great...especially with the Lord as your helper. Happy Anniversary!

    (Our 32nd is coming up on the 29th)

  19. Happy Anniversary and God bless! What an excellent post!

  20. Wow! That is sooooo cool! 38 years celebrated in such a cool retro way. Congrats!

  21. Well done! Congratulations! You two still look the same, well...not look even better! We wish you many more years together in health and happiness.


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