Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plenty of Harvest!

 We celebrated our anniversary in the beautiful city of Victoria.
Thank-you for all your well wishes...We had a wonderful time.
But we were hardly home, and I had a days work in my mind...
I changed and ran out to see what needed harvesting in my garden.
 I have never had tomatoes like this year.
Six beautiful plants of Beefsteak tomatoes have given me more than enough.
 Guess what's happening here on the weekend?
I think we have enough tomatoes to can our Salsa this weekend.

Meanwhile, my potatoes were waiting to be dug.
 Potatoes for soup, mashed potatoes and I tried something new.
I made my own potatoe chips.  
Easy, quick, low fat, and simple.
Someday I will share that recipe with you.

 Next, to my ever bearing raspberries.

Ah! Fresh raspberries, with fresh yogurt and granola.
That's a treat all summer long right into the fall.
 Back off to the house...
I'm happy with my big haul and
tonight's supper will be straight from the garden to the table. 


  1. Welcome back...in time for harvest! I can almost smell the salsa.

    As for ever-bearing raspberries...so glad someone developed that variety. Who would have thought we could still be enjoying fresh raspberries in fall?

  2. Salsa - mmmmmm.
    I love the photo of you trudging in with your haul!
    So you were over here? Sometime you'll have to let me know so that we can show you around - sometime when you're not on a romantic trip with your husband. Aren't we blessed to have husbands who like to take these little trips?

  3. Look at all that wonderful fresh harvest! I'm smacking my lips over here!!

  4. Big haul, all right, Marg! wow... perfect tomatoes ... lovely potatoes ...and beautiful raspberries and I know you have more there...but lots of work ahead too! =)

  5. That's what you call a good harvest!
    Isn't it always like that, you go away for a bit and then there is a lot of catching up to do!

  6. I just love that last photo. I would have kind of liked to see you toting a 50 gunny sack full of potatoes. ..but that's okay.

  7. Wow! Your garden made up for my pathetic one this year. You should be eating healthy for the rest of the season! (Your raspberries look divine!)

  8. There is nothing like sweet fresh tomatoes. You'll have to share your salsa recipe too! My oldest son loves to make salsa.

    Glad you had a great trip, and it's always nice to come home too.

  9. Wow Farmer Judy...I am impressed with you crops! Our tomatoes are still green...the snow was still falling in June here and everyone struggled to get a good tomato crop this years.

    Two more weeks of warm weather...either they ripen or we'll be eating a lot of fried green tomatoes around here.

    Our eggplants did great though. Go figure!

  10. Yum, love beefsteak tomatoes. I just had one patio plant but we enjoyed the few that we got off of it. I joked with hubby that it was the most expensive tomatoes we've ever had because it only produced a half dozen or so good tomatoes, but it was also the most delicious we've ever had. I'll try again next year and maybe have enough to make salsa. :v)

  11. Love this post.....your harvest supper sounds fresh and delicious. Love the picture of you carrying the sack of potatoes....and raspberries......MMMMM

  12. Wonderful! Fresh for the picking and unbeatable in taste. There's nothing like growing your own fruit and veggies. I'm inspired by my little garden and your wonderful pictures to grow even more next year.


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