Friday, September 23, 2011

"Keep Her Out of Trouble"

We spent our anniversary weekend on Vancouver Island, one of our favorite cycling destinations.
We had learned the method of travelling by bus, so we thought.
On Friday morning, we put the bikes on the bus to start our adventure to Schwartz Bay.
Somehow, I did not manage to have the right change.
The bus driver said, "Just get on!"
Then I started asking if anyone had change on the bus.
The bus driver said,  "You may not solicit for change."
How were we going to pay for our fare?
"No, Madame"
When we arrived at our destination, the driver looked at my husband and said,
"Make sure you keep that women out of trouble." 
She waived our bus costs for that day.

When you depart from the Tsawwassen Ferry, you will see the marked biking trail,
running parallel to Highway 17, Schwartz Bay to Victoria, 35 km,
also known as the Lochside Trail.
You don't need to worry about traffic other than cyclists.
Our first stop was at Michell's Farms where we devoured a few quaint apples.

We found Gravensteins...which I remembered eating off my father's orchard.

The trail took us through the rolling hills as we glided through the  agriculture valley.
Barley Fields!

Onions! Carrots! Broccoli! Brussel Sprouts!

  Pumpkin Fields!

Our faces felt the cool crisp air.
It was evident that autumn had arrived.

 We made sure we stopped to pick those fresh blackberries that seemed to have a second harvest.

Big, Fat & Juicy!

 Sunflowers smiled at us!

My biggest pet peeve?
Other cyclists who passed me, especially if they wore more age than me.

Up and around we travelled to our final destination.

Hours later we arrived in Victoria where we spent some wonderful days filled with activities.

You'd think that after 38 years we were compatible.
Our next ride did not sail  us into any sunset.
I was beginning to wonder who was really in trouble?
Come back Monday!


  1. Uh-oh - well, I know you`re home and still married, so any cycling incompatibility must have been resolved! Did you stop at Mattick`s FarmÉ

  2. Your scenery was amazing. I love this time of year and seeing beautiful fields ready for the harvest is one of my favorite things. Looks like a great holiday!

  3. Now that brings back memories! We stopped to eat blackberries along that trail as well. A great place to cycle!

    So...I'm thinking he wasn't able to keep you out of trouble! Oh, Oh!

  4. Oh, did HE get into trouble?
    We have friends who grow pumpkins along that route. Maybe those are theirs. What a beautiful cycle route. Dairymary

  5. Looks like a great trail. Everybody leaves me in the dust when I cycle!!

  6. Wow....did you ferry across with only your bikes? All the best in the rain...are you home yet?

  7. What a great bike ride you had (do I say so far?) The pictures make me wish I was along for the ride. I'm looking forward to hearing "the rest of the story".
    Happy Anniversary Marg and John.


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