Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Need My Pivacy!

You've probably seen photos of this house in the background.
This is the first time in all my life....
that I have neighbors who have a full view of my home, and yard.
I'm not sure if I need to build a new hedge...
construct a cement wall,
or just get to know them.
I did the latter,
I dropped in and found out that our names were identical.
I'm glad I met our new neighbors and will spend some time chatting hollering over the fence.
But it reminds me of the time when my little one runs to the bathroom and says...
I Need My PIVACY!!!
That's sort of how I'm feeling!

What do little guys know about Pivacy!


  1. A few good trees might help. We have nice neighbors behind us, but the real reason we built our playhouse was for a little privacy from their yard. It must be the country part of our makeup! Food luck.

  2. When we moved out here there wasn't a house in sight but over the years the neighbours on either side have built - and have situated their houses as close to the boundary line as possible - very odd when their properties are 4 and 5 acres. We built a fence and planted cedars, and that filled my need for privacy.

  3. I'm surrounded! I need a little something to not feel so exposed. I've been talking about a pretty fence but will need to wait till after the new roof...and other top priorities.

  4. I wondered about that when I saw the house being errected so close to you. We had the same situation here and eventually put up a row of pyramid cedars. Our neighbours are wonderful friends and have no problem with our trees but yes, we love our privacy which is why we built where we did.

  5. I did wonder about that house and thought to myself that I'd love to live there. :)

  6. I like privacy too - I wonder how city folk get by?

  7. Trees or cedar hedges are a good idea. Good that you already met your neighbor. I like the idea of having someone to call in an emergency... someone to take in your mail when you are gone ... or to borrow an egg from.

  8. I know the feeling...of having one's 'pivacy' invaded. I hear hedges make good neighbours! So glad your relationship is off to a good start...with your 'namesake' neighbours.

  9. I've noticed that lovely home as I drive by.....if I knew them I would let them know they have great neighbours in you! I'm sure they want their privacy too and maybe you will all make a plan together. Laughing at your little one yelling for privacy. My grands are starting to do's pretty cute!

  10. Planting trees sounds like a good idea. Where I live, the houses are very close together...but most of our backyards are secluded. (But not the front yard, of course)

    I can understand your feelings. You don't want to be on display!

    You never're neighbors may plant a hedge on THEIR property.

  11. Maybe they really really liked your place and hoped the ambience would rub off. Our home here had a measure of privacy, too, till somebody built directly across the road, practically close enough for us to follow the news on their garish flickering big-screen TV.


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