Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School, Back to Routine!!!

I woke up this morning and noticed the easterly winds blowing...
thinking it looks like we're having an Indian summer.
This was a perfect day for the Schmidt family get together.

There's nothing better than celebrating Labor Day Weekend.
We all know that it brings routine and structure back to life.
When the Schmidt family comes together,
we love nothing more than to reminisce about our labor day experiences.
We all knew what it was like to dig an acre of potatoes before school started...
Dry them.
Rub the dirt off of them.
Sack them and drag them into storage.
Alas...we were ready for school.
To be honest, I was so excited that I did not have to work at home anymore.
 Meanwhile Brother Loren drives on the yard...with his Chrysler LeBaron convertible,
the car that we all remember...
as this honored our Mother's last wish, ride in a red convertible.

And then, there's that stubbed toe...
Only Auntie Mikki could bring healing to this injury...
a band aid and a bit of natural healing.
A potluck of our favorite memories is pulled together quickly from many wonderful sources.
Fresh Mango Salsa
Tanta Suzies Baked Beans
 Freshly ground wheat bread
Rollkuchen and Watermelon
Fresh Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peaches, and Blueberries
Corn on the Cob
Seven layered Salad...

And you can't have a potluck without a fresh plum Platz for dessert.
And as Sheryl said,
"Mom, would of said you need to drizzle some icing on it to give it that extra touch."
And that's exactly what she did!

The trampoline continues to becomes a source of fun for young and old,

as it gives them a chance to show off their stuff.

Into the late evening shadows they enjoyed their last leisurely day before the bell rings again!!!
 And the adults enjoyed sipping on their coffees and chatting about life.
A big THANK YOU to my SIL's for transforming my kitchen.

I bet I can hear many of you secretly echoing with me, the same phrase...

"Back to's time for routine!"


  1. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Your table spread looked delicious and very healthy. How nice to enjoy the fruits of the season with people you love! The back to school part-we beat you by two weeks! Ha!

  2. I love how you celebrate! I know it's the people in your life that make it special....and you know how to pull out the stops and lay out a wonderful spread of food.
    Getting in the grove of the fall routine....easier said then done.

  3. Looks like the perfect ending to summer vacation. I'm glad we are finally getting some summer weather. I always do like the return to routine. I'm especially looking forward to getting connected with all the new fall programs at church. Have a great Labor Day Marg. Hope they left leftovers for you to enjoy today!

  4. That last trampoline shot is just great!
    Isn't it funny that, no matter how old we get, the day after Labour day feels like the first day of the year.

  5. What a wonderful tradition Marg. I was wishing our family had done something like this over the years.
    I think I might go dig up my last potato plant today. ..but they'll go right into the pot instead of a sack.

  6. While I enjoy the routine, I'd still love to be home and free. Mothers love back to school, teachers don't. :)

  7. i just love family traditions and gatherings.
    it is such a blessing for families to enjoy getting together.

  8. Wonderful post, Marg! The kids are all growing and knowing your extended family a bit, I have to guess who some of them are. Looks like a great time.

  9. Wonderful photos, Marg! The lazy days of summer come to a close soon and back to school days are here again. Your potluck made my mouth water! I wish i could try a jump on the

  10. Glad you had a wonderful day with family...the most important people in or lives!


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