Friday, September 30, 2011

What Good is a Dead Battery?

Our second day of touring took us through the Scenic Marine Drive,
also known as Dallas Road, eventually turning into Beach Drive.
We decided that we could share the road with other motorists.
I sort of liked sharing the highway with the wealthy ocean beach property owners.

As I rounded the first bend...I could no longer find my partner.
He was gone...
So, I decided I needed to capture these photos.

I was totally oblivious to his plans...I just saw these ocean shore lines and board walks which fascinated me.

Rounding yet another corner...gearing down and cycling up, yet another hill.
I'll admit...I walked up some hills.
But that just rationalized my need for making frequent stops.

Obviously, there is a difference in cycling with someone who's hard core and determined
or cycling with someone who's mesmerized by the photo opportunities.

Finally I found myself by a yacht club...thinking about trading in our business for a yacht.

It didn't take long and I was dreaming about
sailing off into the warm Pacific waters and never returning, or at least for a day.

Finally I perched myself on a rock, found a Starbucks, and reviewed my map.
Did he have the map? No..Who carried the backpack? Me!
Then I decided to TEXT him...wondering if he was even concerned about me.

But there, in the distance I spotted him...He had found his dream home. 

Yes,..he loved the flower beds...and was dreaming.

He found his beach front property.
I think he had been waiting here quite a while...
He gave me a squeamish look.
He said....

"I can't go any further, my battery is dead."

I smiled...thinking how he could of well preserved the battery more efficiently.
While I walked up the hills,  his battery used up it's energy.

When we finally caught up with each other and we enjoyed  lunch at Smuggler's Cove,
 had some good laughs, as we boarded the bus again with the right change this time.

Two Dreamers, riding side by side.....after 38 years.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Let's Talk About Tomatoes Instead!

Now that we have had our first rain, I heard that we should quickly pick all our tomatoes as to save them from getting blight.  Well, my husband being a farmer, created his own special awning for them, protecting them from the cooler wet nights. I'm sure that next year the awning will have a remote control from the house.

I've had a wonderful harvest this year and if you want to know what to do with all the extra tomatoes, check out the simple secret at MGCC.
We have had a successfull weekend making Salsa!  Forty pints is enough for this year.

If you want a great recipe, check out Judy's Salsa.  You 'll keep making it over and over. I loved watching my daughter touch all the sealed jars as she was wondering,  "Are they really sealed?"  Remember, to know if they are sealed, there needs to be a slight indention and if you're good at'll hear a little ping... as it snaps out the air.

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Keep Her Out of Trouble"

We spent our anniversary weekend on Vancouver Island, one of our favorite cycling destinations.
We had learned the method of travelling by bus, so we thought.
On Friday morning, we put the bikes on the bus to start our adventure to Schwartz Bay.
Somehow, I did not manage to have the right change.
The bus driver said, "Just get on!"
Then I started asking if anyone had change on the bus.
The bus driver said,  "You may not solicit for change."
How were we going to pay for our fare?
"No, Madame"
When we arrived at our destination, the driver looked at my husband and said,
"Make sure you keep that women out of trouble." 
She waived our bus costs for that day.

When you depart from the Tsawwassen Ferry, you will see the marked biking trail,
running parallel to Highway 17, Schwartz Bay to Victoria, 35 km,
also known as the Lochside Trail.
You don't need to worry about traffic other than cyclists.
Our first stop was at Michell's Farms where we devoured a few quaint apples.

We found Gravensteins...which I remembered eating off my father's orchard.

The trail took us through the rolling hills as we glided through the  agriculture valley.
Barley Fields!

Onions! Carrots! Broccoli! Brussel Sprouts!

  Pumpkin Fields!

Our faces felt the cool crisp air.
It was evident that autumn had arrived.

 We made sure we stopped to pick those fresh blackberries that seemed to have a second harvest.

Big, Fat & Juicy!

 Sunflowers smiled at us!

My biggest pet peeve?
Other cyclists who passed me, especially if they wore more age than me.

Up and around we travelled to our final destination.

Hours later we arrived in Victoria where we spent some wonderful days filled with activities.

You'd think that after 38 years we were compatible.
Our next ride did not sail  us into any sunset.
I was beginning to wonder who was really in trouble?
Come back Monday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plenty of Harvest!

 We celebrated our anniversary in the beautiful city of Victoria.
Thank-you for all your well wishes...We had a wonderful time.
But we were hardly home, and I had a days work in my mind...
I changed and ran out to see what needed harvesting in my garden.
 I have never had tomatoes like this year.
Six beautiful plants of Beefsteak tomatoes have given me more than enough.
 Guess what's happening here on the weekend?
I think we have enough tomatoes to can our Salsa this weekend.

Meanwhile, my potatoes were waiting to be dug.
 Potatoes for soup, mashed potatoes and I tried something new.
I made my own potatoe chips.  
Easy, quick, low fat, and simple.
Someday I will share that recipe with you.

 Next, to my ever bearing raspberries.

Ah! Fresh raspberries, with fresh yogurt and granola.
That's a treat all summer long right into the fall.
 Back off to the house...
I'm happy with my big haul and
tonight's supper will be straight from the garden to the table. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirty Eight Years Later!

  We're still at it!
Thirty Eight Years Later!!!
I'm sure that this is a First and Last in our lives.
We never expected to witness harvesting wheat...and watching the end product.
Check out what we've been creating...and storing for the long winter haul.
Where?  AT MGCC!

 As you can tell...
We are country through and through!
No one will ever take that from us.

 We till the soil and seem to feel an accomplishment when the barns are filled.

 I think there's no question in my mind...that I'm in for the long haul.

The tractor and equipment date our years quite quickly, but I'm quick to state,
"There's no time for boredom or dull moments in our lives."

We've experienced many days of harvesting and working together.
And we won't give up...
The life of the country stirs deep in our roots and  hearts.
I pinch myself daily thinking, it feels just like yesterday.

As you can tell, this has been one memorial event that we will never forget.
And I would choose to live my 38 years with the same guy all over again!!!

We don't take this for granted...
It's our Anniversary and we thank God daily for his hand in our lives...
and we cherish every year that he has given us.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First & Last!

 It was the first time in many years that I could sit nestled under the canopy of the Empire Stadium.
Years back when I was just a little tyke...
I remember my Dad purchasing a TV, so that we could watch Football, Hockey and Bonanza!
The Lions played their very first game in the Empire Stadium in 1954. 
I can still remember the days of these retired players...I was so impressed with their long yard runs.
I was probably about 10 years old...but I will never forget these names.
#15 Willie Flemming 1959-1966
#22 Joe Kapp 1961-1966

Years later when we were married...we had seasons tickets, but only till the babies came along.
#30 Jim Young 1967-1979
#5 Lui Passaglia 1976-2000
These were prominent names of the next era!
 When one looked over the outdoor new whose team was playing.
The color orange was proudly worn by the BC LIONS fans.
This was the Lions last game in the stadium.
The Lions bid adieu to the Empire Stadium over the Toronto Argonauts 28-6.

It was truly an amazing afternoon to think back of the many years where we packed our hot
chocolate and blankets and cuddled under the cold rainy nights.
But today was different.
It was warm, hot and sunny, and we shared the view of the North Shore Mountains as a back drop.
During half time they paraded the historic athletes from years gone by.
Yea! Jim Young!I believe that young athlete is 68 years old.

 The pep band also played the tunes from many years back.
 Go Lions Go!
We could still whistle along with the tunes.
To the right of me sat a young women who was attending her very first game.
So I politely explained the reasoning about the rule,  "Three down and 10 to go!"
She cheered, she clapped and then asked me,
"What did that mean?"
But she always knew what direction the Lions were running.

As always, men sat with their binoculars staring at the Lions Cheer leading squad....
Theystill bring many smiles and chuckles to their audience.

This day was memorial as all the players were leaving their jerseys with the die hard fans.
I decided to grab the jersey from Geroy Simon.  He was my pick of the day.
Simon led all receivers with 117 yards on six catches.
The touchdown was his 88th as a Lion, setting a franchise record, passing Willie Fleming.
So we salute the Empire Stadium only to cheer on our next game in the newly renovated
See you all there!