Friday, August 12, 2011

Threshing Bee in the Valley

I woke up...
looked out the window as usual, and noticed.... trucks, tractors, wagons 
and threshing equipment from the 1920's lining up on our small acreage.
Was this day actually going to happen?
 It didn't take long, men and women of all ages were forking sheaves onto the wagons.

And just like in the good old times...they too, took a break, leaning on their forks.

Meanwhile the boys were wondering what was falling from the sky.

It was Opa's time to take the boys for a walk and share with them what was happening.

One wagon down, as they finished loading it into the threshing machine. Four more to go!
Men from the Atchelitz Threshermen's Association  brought their threshing machine from the 1920's.
They loved to reminisce back and forth.They were all reliving life.
Meanwhile I was thrashing up a storm in my kitchen providing them with lunch.
I was not in the least prepared today...but there's always something.
And a quick call for Pizza Delivery.

Of course the boys enjoyed the ride of their we made our delivery.

And they came in hoards...the smell of food brings people together.

Now, there stomachs were satisfied and off they went back to work,
Only to find out that the old McCormick would not turn over.
One man came to me and said,

"This tractor is like a woman....You need to talk nicely to her."

Ah...these fellows know about life.

And I thought...How many men does it take to start a tractor?

On lookers of all ages came and went all day.

This young woman was my hero of the day...she knew how to work and stayed right to the end.
And of course, for this little man,  he climbed up and down the stacks of straw,
and loudly cheered that this was the best Farm Day Ever.


  1. I remember my mother cooking up a storm to feed the "thrashers". They would sit at our table, however. (We must have had a smaller crew.) Those good old days of working together were fun and memorable. Your photos are great!

  2. I love these photos captured it perfectly..right down to all the guys discussing how to start the tractor. I would have so enjoyed spending the day with you. I remember those days well..although pizza was never on our menu:)
    The cinnamon buns and paska buns look scrumptious!!

  3. What an event! I loved following your pictures - you're right...there was a real old-time flavour to them.
    I recognize two of your on-lookers!

  4. So very cool Marg! I love the farmers leaning on their forks photo. So picturesque! Love the line about talking to the tractor. :0)

  5. Leaning of the favorite picture 'life as it used to be'! How fun to have this all happen right at your back door. The tailgate party makes all that hard work worthwhile!

  6. Such a a great post and beautiful photos,Marg! A reminder of the place I just visited .. a place that takes you back in time. I espcially love the picture of the boys and food on the tailgate... and the fact that they thought it was the best farm day. I can tell it was!

  7. Scot and I just read your post together.....what a great day you all had. Wish we had been able to stop by too. I'm sure they loved the tail gate party. Those little boys are having the time of their lives!

  8. What a beautiful event you've captured so well in photos-blessed lucky boys to grow up in this setting.How an Oma's heart swells with joy with her grandchildren-we are grateful. God bless you.

  9. Oh my oh my....I feel like I am back on Grandpa's farm looking at your pictures. What a wonderful time!

  10. Those golden colored fields look like a painting. Your camera does beautiful work...and the person behind it too!

    I love to hear older guys banter back and forth. And they are wise.

  11. TotLly cool! Where will the stray go next?


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