Monday, August 8, 2011

They Are Safely Home Again!

July 12th saw this young couple taking on the challenge of cycling down the
southern coast to San Fransisco, approximately 1300 km in 27 days.
We value our tradition of saying good bye with an early morning breakfast.
I'm standing out at the street....and there I see them approaching us.
 She's waving like always...

He's all thumbs up and ready for this challenging trek.

This sums it up...they both love to cycle and love the adventure.

Meanwhile my mind goes back to the slogan I saw in Amsterdam!!!

Happy and eager to go....the Teachers are on their way...

but not without a blessing from parents who pray for safety everyday.

Up, up and away they go!
Travelling along the early morning roads with trucks roaring behind them.
You can catch up on her adventures at,

Meanwhile I was given the honor of hosting Drift for the last month.
Somehow he found his way into my heart.

 This morning was exciting as I began to realize they were close to home.
The texting started early...and before long we made plans to  meet them in Bellingham.
And of course, it was fun to greet them with a home-made meal, their favorite consisting of
steak, freshly grilled vegetables, fresh corn, potatoes, and raspberry pie.

Meanwhile back at her home, we welcomed her 
 with an authentic sheaf of freshly cut wheat.
She's already asking what day we will grind the wheat and make some fresh bread.
Looks like my week is planned.

Welcome Home Again!!!


  1. Wonderful to look forward to hearing about the adventures, and wonderful relief to have them safely home.
    Grinding the wheat? Well, I'm waiting for that post!

  2. What a fun adventure for them (and you via texting)! Your welcome home dinner looks delicious.

  3. Sounds wonderful! Your meal looks scrumptious and sumptious!

  4. Wow, what an amazing trek they had! Glad they made it back safe and sound and got fed well going and coming! That plate of food looks delicious! Love the wheat, too!

  5. So glad they are safely back home again! Looking forward to hearing a little of their summer adventure on wheels.

  6. Wow...what a trek! I'm so glad they arrived safely. I'm sure they loved the warm welcome you gave to them. They are sure loved....and it looks like you are too!
    Enjoy catching up!

  7. Wow ...they will remember this summer as long as they live. I can't doing that and am super impressed having driven that stretch ..even seemed long.
    Beautiful photos.


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