Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'll Miss My View!

A quick glimpse through my kitchen window.
August is almost over and these little ones just like many others,
will be preparing to go back to school.

Just when I thought I had a pool for the boys...
Drift took the big leap and cooled off first.

It didn't take long...and someone else joined him.
Oh My Goodness...

He loved it when Drift would shake off the water and give him a good spray.
Somehow he imitated this move...but was not as successful.

Teasing the old boy...give him a ball..and he'll do anything for you.
He is hoping he will jump on the tramp with him.

I think he's dog gone tired....
And I can't lift him up anymore....
Poor Drift!

Meanwhile the little man finds another creative move...
somehow I don't think of these things..
Give them the right tools and they will figure it out.

"Oma, I can't reach..." 
How many times did I hear those words.
Soon he found the tire and it was just the right height,
cushioning him from any hard falls,
as he twists himself round and round and I can hear his shrilling screams of joy.

Next, he's off to the shop!

He's made his big pick of the day, as he examines it carefully, before he takes his big bite.

Meanwhile big brother has found that water and tramps keep you cool.

Until a heard a horrendous screech....
This was not a joyful sound.
I quickly glanced through my window,
as I  started running...but his Opa was there already giving him comfort.
Now they were looking for the wasp.
 That's what barefoot, grass and summer is all about.

 The hot summer activiites finally got the best of him.
Hope that you too, have enjoyed summer.
I know, that I'm lucky with my kitchen view...

I will miss those days as they go back to school.


  1. Yes, you are lucky with your view. I get it only 1 or 2 weeks a year. Enjoy!

  2. Looks like Oma has enjoyed her grandsons this summer! Dairymary

  3. Oh how wonderful the end of summer is at your place! Those grandsons of yours are so precious Marg! The dog is pretty sweet, too.
    Such a sweet ending nap...

  4. What a fun time - especially love the pool on the trampoline! Great shots!

  5. I love that last pic...a peaceful way to end a summer day!

    We had the 'bare foot meets wasp' experience over here this week as well.

    Good memories of the summer that is almost done! They will always remember their experiences at Oma's.

  6. Sweet pics - lots of love, fun times and happy memories for a lifetime!

  7. Love It! These photos all are perfect summer pictures. Those boys will look at these photos in years to come and remember they loved being at Oma and Opa's.

  8. What little boy needs a vacation spot when Oma and Opa's farm is the most fun of all !! Love that your camera captured their joy!

    A special day .. too bad the wasp had to spoil it. Guess we are never too young to have 'wasps in our days !

  9. Love your photos ... I'm sure that these precious memories are imprinted on your heart for always.

  10. Ah, you do have the very best view of all. Just look at those two sweet faces. Their hair reminds me of my son when he was young. His was almost white.

  11. Such fun views..I would never leave the window:)


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