Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bless Her Heart!

I spent the last few days cycling in my favorite city, Vancouver.
My day started out at a spot that holds memories forever.

Oh...the memories of the Olympic Cauldron and all the fanfare that came its way.

Only to experience a story of thankfulness from someone who cared.
I stopped to take a few photos of my favorite bridge...Lions Gate.
We were just sitting on the bench, people watching and chatting it up...
the bike path was busier than usual... like traffic driving into Vancouver after a long weekend.
Young, and old, first time cyclists, and those seeking the adventure of a good workout.
 Everyone was out to enjoy another hot summer day.

We were just approaching my favorite spot...
These flags indicated that we were close to the patio at English Bay Cafe...
when suddenly I noticed I did not have my bike helmet.

In a short time...I pedaled against traffic, another 5 km...
meanwhile, other cyclists were hollering at me...
"You are going the wrong way."
Well, what else could I do???
Sometimes I drove on the walking path...
but they, too, started yelling at me...
I was determined...
Now, I was the crazy cyclist!
I finally  located the spot.
No helmet.
I stopped, cycled a bit farther, and turned around feeling defeated.
As I slowly turned around...

I spotted a lady carrying a helmut.
It approved my name.
She had seen me leave it on the bench and new I'd come back.
She waited over thirty minutes.
Bless her heart!
I told her that I would also in turn continue to 
lend a helping hand the next time an opportunity presented itself.
I truly felt blessed by her kindness.

Share a random act of kindness with someone today.


  1. It is always nice to hear about the good, salt of the earth people out there. I'll try and be someone's helper today, too!

  2. Wow. ..Bless her heart is right. I'll watch for an opportunity today Marg. You have a good day!

  3. So you were one of those crazy ones going against the flow? I've never seen so many people on the sea wall...as this weekend.

    I'm smiling at the photo of your favorite patio at English Bay. I took the same photo...from the same patio...as we were enjoying Milestone's famous spinach and artichoke dip! I think we almost met...in the big city!

  4. The kindness of others is never to be taken for granted. When we're willing to help others, we often find it comes around to bless us. Your pictures are great Marg and you're an inspiration to others to keep in shape.

  5. A Random Act of Kindness! Let's all pay it forward in honor of this very kind lady.

  6. What a great story of kindness this is Marg! I'm glad you got your helmet back and were touched in this motivating way...

  7. Bless her heart indeed!

  8. I'm glad you found it, and met a kind woman.

    It's too bad you had to go back, and I hope you still had a nice day.


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