Friday, August 19, 2011

At Last Summer is Here!

We've waited along time....
Tonight we could feel the stillness of the warm summer evening.
Sitting quietly outside,
thinking of the days events,
sharing an unexpected dinner plan with family,
feeling subtle gentle breezes on our faces,
making us aware of God the Creator who has given us each day.
We have waited a long time for a quiet summer evening.
I need more of these evenings.
I savor and cherish them to the last moment.
They bring joy and peace.


  1. They may have come a little late this year...but we are making the most of our summer evenings as well!

    I'm trying to figure out where your photo was taken. I think I need a clue.

  2. . .and this morning we have a foggy morning. It's just like auturmn out there. That summer was sure short.

  3. Ahh was a long time coming. I'm glad we've had several dry days in a row with the sun persevering...

    I'm with Judy on the photo. I was beginning to wonder when you poured a lake on your property...

  4. Lovely to catch up on your latest! Beautiful photos!

  5. Our summer evenings are still cool and our mornings are still foggy. Will we have summer this year??

  6. I'm with Judy.....wondering where you were relaxing? Glad you are enjoying our best days of summer.

  7. Summer just arrived and now it is almost over! What happened this year?

  8. Yes...even as I emailed a few friends today about our glorious sunny day the clouds are beginning to roll in for a few days of we go again.

  9. Today was the hottest day of the summer on the island. We've waited a long time for it, and we'd like to keep this season for a bit longer!

  10. I was just thinking the same things about our warm summer evenings. This morning I read pumpkin spice will be back at Starbucks in two weeks and I saw Halloween candy in the store. Harumphf. Pass the lemonade and peach cobbler please and let me enjoy these summer joy for a while longer please.ticang


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