Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'll Miss My View!

A quick glimpse through my kitchen window.
August is almost over and these little ones just like many others,
will be preparing to go back to school.

Just when I thought I had a pool for the boys...
Drift took the big leap and cooled off first.

It didn't take long...and someone else joined him.
Oh My Goodness...

He loved it when Drift would shake off the water and give him a good spray.
Somehow he imitated this move...but was not as successful.

Teasing the old boy...give him a ball..and he'll do anything for you.
He is hoping he will jump on the tramp with him.

I think he's dog gone tired....
And I can't lift him up anymore....
Poor Drift!

Meanwhile the little man finds another creative move...
somehow I don't think of these things..
Give them the right tools and they will figure it out.

"Oma, I can't reach..." 
How many times did I hear those words.
Soon he found the tire and it was just the right height,
cushioning him from any hard falls,
as he twists himself round and round and I can hear his shrilling screams of joy.

Next, he's off to the shop!

He's made his big pick of the day, as he examines it carefully, before he takes his big bite.

Meanwhile big brother has found that water and tramps keep you cool.

Until a heard a horrendous screech....
This was not a joyful sound.
I quickly glanced through my window,
as I  started running...but his Opa was there already giving him comfort.
Now they were looking for the wasp.
 That's what barefoot, grass and summer is all about.

 The hot summer activiites finally got the best of him.
Hope that you too, have enjoyed summer.
I know, that I'm lucky with my kitchen view...

I will miss those days as they go back to school.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bless Her Heart!

I spent the last few days cycling in my favorite city, Vancouver.
My day started out at a spot that holds memories forever.

Oh...the memories of the Olympic Cauldron and all the fanfare that came its way.

Only to experience a story of thankfulness from someone who cared.
I stopped to take a few photos of my favorite bridge...Lions Gate.
We were just sitting on the bench, people watching and chatting it up...
the bike path was busier than usual... like traffic driving into Vancouver after a long weekend.
Young, and old, first time cyclists, and those seeking the adventure of a good workout.
 Everyone was out to enjoy another hot summer day.

We were just approaching my favorite spot...
These flags indicated that we were close to the patio at English Bay Cafe...
when suddenly I noticed I did not have my bike helmet.

In a short time...I pedaled against traffic, another 5 km...
meanwhile, other cyclists were hollering at me...
"You are going the wrong way."
Well, what else could I do???
Sometimes I drove on the walking path...
but they, too, started yelling at me...
I was determined...
Now, I was the crazy cyclist!
I finally  located the spot.
No helmet.
I stopped, cycled a bit farther, and turned around feeling defeated.
As I slowly turned around...

I spotted a lady carrying a helmut.
It approved my name.
She had seen me leave it on the bench and new I'd come back.
She waited over thirty minutes.
Bless her heart!
I told her that I would also in turn continue to 
lend a helping hand the next time an opportunity presented itself.
I truly felt blessed by her kindness.

Share a random act of kindness with someone today.

Friday, August 19, 2011

At Last Summer is Here!

We've waited along time....
Tonight we could feel the stillness of the warm summer evening.
Sitting quietly outside,
thinking of the days events,
sharing an unexpected dinner plan with family,
feeling subtle gentle breezes on our faces,
making us aware of God the Creator who has given us each day.
We have waited a long time for a quiet summer evening.
I need more of these evenings.
I savor and cherish them to the last moment.
They bring joy and peace.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Threshing Bee in the Valley

I woke up...
looked out the window as usual, and noticed.... trucks, tractors, wagons 
and threshing equipment from the 1920's lining up on our small acreage.
Was this day actually going to happen?
 It didn't take long, men and women of all ages were forking sheaves onto the wagons.

And just like in the good old times...they too, took a break, leaning on their forks.

Meanwhile the boys were wondering what was falling from the sky.

It was Opa's time to take the boys for a walk and share with them what was happening.

One wagon down, as they finished loading it into the threshing machine. Four more to go!
Men from the Atchelitz Threshermen's Association  brought their threshing machine from the 1920's.
They loved to reminisce back and forth.They were all reliving life.
Meanwhile I was thrashing up a storm in my kitchen providing them with lunch.
I was not in the least prepared today...but there's always something.
And a quick call for Pizza Delivery.

Of course the boys enjoyed the ride of their we made our delivery.

And they came in hoards...the smell of food brings people together.

Now, there stomachs were satisfied and off they went back to work,
Only to find out that the old McCormick would not turn over.
One man came to me and said,

"This tractor is like a woman....You need to talk nicely to her."

Ah...these fellows know about life.

And I thought...How many men does it take to start a tractor?

On lookers of all ages came and went all day.

This young woman was my hero of the day...she knew how to work and stayed right to the end.
And of course, for this little man,  he climbed up and down the stacks of straw,
and loudly cheered that this was the best Farm Day Ever.

Monday, August 8, 2011

They Are Safely Home Again!

July 12th saw this young couple taking on the challenge of cycling down the
southern coast to San Fransisco, approximately 1300 km in 27 days.
We value our tradition of saying good bye with an early morning breakfast.
I'm standing out at the street....and there I see them approaching us.
 She's waving like always...

He's all thumbs up and ready for this challenging trek.

This sums it up...they both love to cycle and love the adventure.

Meanwhile my mind goes back to the slogan I saw in Amsterdam!!!

Happy and eager to go....the Teachers are on their way...

but not without a blessing from parents who pray for safety everyday.

Up, up and away they go!
Travelling along the early morning roads with trucks roaring behind them.
You can catch up on her adventures at,

Meanwhile I was given the honor of hosting Drift for the last month.
Somehow he found his way into my heart.

 This morning was exciting as I began to realize they were close to home.
The texting started early...and before long we made plans to  meet them in Bellingham.
And of course, it was fun to greet them with a home-made meal, their favorite consisting of
steak, freshly grilled vegetables, fresh corn, potatoes, and raspberry pie.

Meanwhile back at her home, we welcomed her 
 with an authentic sheaf of freshly cut wheat.
She's already asking what day we will grind the wheat and make some fresh bread.
Looks like my week is planned.

Welcome Home Again!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brithish Columbia's Heritage is Alive!

Who says the you can't grow wheat in Chilliwack?
History is being made all over again!
Now, we know why the traffic has come to a stand still as cars/trucks slowly rolled by.

Meanwhile,  it's BC Day, another statutory holiday which gives British Colombians another day
to celebrate their achievements and relax with family and friends.
Here's Cousin Gerri helping hoist up the flag.

 The top part of the flag consists of a union flag with a crown in the center. The lower part of the flag consists of a setting sun on a background of blue and white waves. The British Columbia Day Act was first introduced to the Legislative Assembly in 1974. The aim of the Bill was to create a statutory holiday on the first Monday in August to recognize the pioneers in the province.

Speaking of pioneers, we've had quite an exciting summer. As you drive down the road, you will notice wafts of golden colored wheat, blowing in the wind, waiting to be harvested.  Winter wheat was planted as a cover crop during the fall season and because of our unusual weather, this field was not planted according to schedule. No Chilliwack Corn from this plot.

A growing demand of interest increased as the field of wheat began to ripen. 

Last week a group of men from the Atchelitz Threshermen's Association came out to inspect and assess the wheat for dryness.This group loves to give the residents of Chilliwack a chance to see how farm machinery might have worked in the past. They carefully assembled the 1920 McCormick Deering binder and gave it a trial test.

In the earlier  days this same binder was drawn by horses, rather than a John Deere. This is a first for us as we watch with awe, how they cut the wheat, and how this antique machine binds the sheaves together.

A  sheaf is a large bundle of unthreshed wheat which is bound together by straw or string, and then later all the sheaves are set up-right in the field with their heads together creating a stook. This protects them from any moisture. And who picks up all the sheaves?  They thought this would be the perfect job for me.
From here it will be loaded onto a wagon and brought to Heritage Park to be thrashed this weekend, at the Chilliwack Fair.  Hope to see you there!

If you have nothing to do today...take a drive by..
and remember this could be a perfect photo op.
But make sure you come and say hi!
You never know what will be coming out of my kitchen.

Help keep B.C.'s  Heritage Alive!