Friday, July 29, 2011

You've Been Married How Long?

I love our Life Group.  We've become friends.
In our church we have Life Groups, where people come to share,
discuss scriptures, pray for each other and have fun.
We all love celebrating birthdays, babies, anniversaries.
You name it...
You can count on us to make it happen.

This past week our Life Group met for an outside BBQ.
The rain trickled down and soon we were gathered inside around the table.
Can you see who that is sitting at the head of the table?
They are the leaders of our Life Group!
Yes, they appear to be they command our attention.
They mean business!

the group started singing, Happy Anniversary!
And guess what,  they chimed in also, not realizing we were singing to them.
Do you see the twinkle in their eyes?

 Then Elmer reminisced about his version of when he first laid eyes on Judy...
"Roller skating in Lynden".
They shared about their honeymoon,
their getaway plan,
the  happy times in their lives.
 the difficult times in their lives,
and from there they continued to share about,
Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Farming...
We all know that these thing are dear to them.

Those "two" are celebrating 40 years of marriage.
In a world where marriage is not taken serious anymore,
it's truly an honor to celebrate this special occasion with them.
This was another perfect occasion to celebrate with our Life Group.
Judy and I have been friends since Gr.8 in high school.
The mystery remains untold, why we were not at each others weddings.

You two have left a legacy for many family and friends.
We  wish you many more happy years together as you roll along.
We know by your laughter and smiles that you have enjoyed life together.

"There is no Box made by God nor us,
but that the sides can be flattened out and the top blown off,
to make a dance floor on which to celebrate life."

Congratulations Judy & Elmer!


  1. Congratulations to your good friends on their happy 40 year marriage. I agree that in today's world that is a wonderful accomplishment. Good marriages and good friendships are a prized possession!

  2. What a beautiful post, Marg! Judy and Elmer are a couple that inspire other couples. Now, I'm curious about why you weren't at each others' weddings!

  3. Ahh, sweet post for Elmer and Judy, Marg. Love the quote!

  4. I love that quote too! That's a pretty rockin' awesome Life Group!

  5. I see some familiar faces..Happy Anniversary Elmer and Judy!

  6. Thank you, Marg.. for writing such a fitting tribute for Elmer and Judy. I did not realize you were in the same Life Group. So great that you celebrated like this together.

  7. Maybe you two should consider having some photo work done on you wedding photos o you can at long last appear at each others wedding?

    Crop in Queen Elizabeth long as you are at it!


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