Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Summer Time, Regardless

" Mom, can you keep the kids?"
I'm sure that there are other's identifying with those words over the summer days?

I love how he eagerly props himself up on the chair,
his little bare feet draped around the stool.
He's already unwrapped the foil from the margarine.
What's next?

He's obviously done this before with a bit of extra help.
Participaction is part of his philosophy.
We agreed quite quickly that baking cookies was on the list.
I finally figured it out, that if I put the bowl in the sink...
it would not go flying off the counter.
 What better way then to teach them to grease their hands and the pans.

 It schmeckts so gut!!!
I love watching him lick that spoon.
I can tell that someone has taught him how to play 
pat a cake...all sorts, sizes and shapes.
They are a keeper and what kid wouldn't love that kind of cooking?

How can you tell it's summer time?
The best part was jumping on the tramp with the timer outside
while the cookies were baking inside.
Trust those kids...they have all the steps figured out to baking.
There's no time to waste in their minds.
It's called "Whacky Time at Oma's!"
Whether it's raining or sunny, it's still called Summer Time.


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    What great pictures of you baking with the little one, who is looking more like older brother! Putting the mixing bowl into the sink is a great idea. Dairymary

  2. What a great way to spend a summer day! Lucky for mum, tot and grandma that you live close to one another.

  3. I think you are having way too much fun over there. Love the apron!

  4. Looks like our summers are filled with projects and little people. It is sometimes messy, but always fun!

  5. Oh what fun. What a great idea to put the bowl in the sink like that!

  6. Oh.. so that is why I put my bowl in the sink! Such cute pics, Marg!

  7. What turned out to be a Whacky Day at Oma's, turned into a Whacky Week at their father's - trying to correct the "Oma lets me to that...", and "Oma lets us do ....", and catching both my boys spitting off the top of the stairs!!! Again, I heard, "Oma said...", and that's where I stopped them and said "This is DADDYs House and at DADDYs House we don't do that."

    Well, can't wait to RETURN them to Oma & Opa's for another Whacky Day. It sure makes us parents think TWICE before calling our parents to watch our kids :) hahaha

    Love you mom (Oma)!!!
    Silas is giggling here beside me :)

  8. oh I love watching little ones help. It always looks so calm when I see someone elses pictures. .I wonder why?

  9. Very cute! You are building a solid relationship. My grown boys still love their grandma and grandpa, because of time spent when they were young.


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