Friday, July 22, 2011

Here' s My Secret!

I'm sure this pie will wet your appetites.
Just dig right in and be my guests.
I've kept some of you wondering what was the secret to a fail proof pie crust?
We just finished celebrating Pie Night at our home with my European Guests.
Somehow our family has not transferred those pie making skills to the Germans.
 Just mentioning the word, PIE.....
It didn't take long and 25 family members made their way around the Island
in search of fresh raspberry pie, apple perishky, and raspberry ripple ice-cream cake.

I posted a few weeks ago...about my frustration with keeping the pie crust from shrinking.
Run over to MGGC and you will find my secret.
Others of you will walk away saying,
I could of told you that....
But then why has no one told me that over the past 40 years?


  1. A pie party on the island. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh I've been waiting for this one!! Gorgeous picture!!

  3. The red pie and the blue sky cry out for a wonderful photo! I need to read up on making good pie crust-mine is hit and miss.

  4. I think I read about using aluminum foil in a cookbook years ago--not sure which one, maybe Joy of Cooking. But with only the two of us at home now, I seldom make pies anymore. Must change that.

  5. I wish that pie was sitting on my counter right now!

  6. Years ago I bought a chain of pie weights and that took care of shrinkage forever more.
    That Pie Party looks like fun!

  7. Noella OssJuly 25, 2011

    Beautiful pie! Looks so yummy! Isn't it wonderful to share pie with family and friends.

  8. Perfect pie...and some great tips!


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