Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amsterdam ~ Metro Mania!

We learned that there are two ways to visit the city..
Canal or Hop On ~ Hop Off Bus!
Everyone needs a canal we did just that.

As you can see it was pouring that was the perfect pick.

In the distance we heard the words Anne Frank House and the steeple of the Westerkerk,
one of the first protestant churches in Amsterdam.
Those words caught my attention. Definitely that was one museum on my list.
Days later the women folk took a stroll out to her house.
By now we were familiar with Leidestratt, then you can turn left on Prinsengracht.
Keep walking....and guess line-ups. 
We took the tour of the ever famous Anne Frank House.
The canal house at 163 Prinsengracht was the temporary hiding place of Jewish girl Anne Frank and her family (and four others) during the World War II Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. 
Here, visitors can see the secret annex where she wrote her world-famous diary.
After our tour...we stopped and looked out the windows, sat down in the coffee shop,
and took some time to reflect how many of our mothers' made similar challenging adjustments.

We rode past the NEMO Museum, filled with Science and Technology.

I wanted to see a For Sale Sign on this little vessel.
I wanted to purchase an authentic Dutch Canal Boat and have a the rain?

The evidence of scrap metal along the canal's water edge.
Way too many BIKES if you ask me.

The AMSTEL Hotel, the place for celebrities.
Even though I'm part of a team that published a book, somehow...the budget did not fit.

This little house boat with all the flowers was my favorite.  
I did not see a For Sale Sign.
Would it not be fun to just wander through and have a cup of coffee?

Floated past the Rijk Museum, Diamond Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum.
You need more than time to cover all these places....

Until it was time for the HOP ON HOP OFF BUS!
The bus stops at eighteen different stations giving you a tour of the city highlights.
So we jumped on...and enjoyed the ride until....
We sat...and waited...everyone got off..
We waited was a long walk to our hotel.
Then the bus driver came and asked us what we were doing?
He told us it was Quitting Time...Had we not read our pamplets?
Little did we understand his dialect nor his instructions.

The Farmer folks are asking,
"Take number 5 always takes you back home."
Number 5 bus comes sailing by and does not stop...
The bus driver hollers at us...
"You need to walk to the bus station...."

Meanwhile the women folk had spotted another way of transportation.
We knew how to get back home,  an old beat up Mercedes Taxi.

I'm sure you are all wondering about the red light district.
That's how far we appears to be a red light from an outside heater.
Looks like a chicken brooder to me.

There's always something happening on the streets.

How can you tell we're in Holland?
I'm thinking I forgot to purchase a pair,
after all, no one wants to know how many pairs of shoes I had.

So, it doesn't matter how you see Amsterdam,
where ever you turn there is nothing but excitement and action.
Wait till you hear about our coffee shop experience.


  1. Hop-on those tours! But be sure to 'hop-off' before the day is done. You were still on Pacific Standard Time, right?

    Why does a canal tour in the rain seem somehow appropriate? It looks like you saw a lot of interesting sites!

  2. What a fun adventure for you! Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Oh dear. You really did have some interesting adventures. Love all the photos!

  4. I can't wait to hear about the coffee shop adventure - and I'd love to visit a Dutch coffee shop for a really good cup of coffee and a spicy cookie.

  5. Your travels always have an interesting twist Marg. You have a way of finding adventure at every turn and the gift of turning it into memorable moments. I enjoyed your canal tour. You seem to have covered all the important sites.

  6. I want to go there one day!


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