Monday, July 4, 2011

Amsterdam ~ Bike City

Yes, he felt a warm welcome to Amsterdam when we entered the docking station.
What else can a farmer say when he gets close to his cows?
A big smile, because he knew there were some farm tours planned.

It didn't take long for us to figure out that we had no priority over their bikes.
I think we were all knocked down, several times, and soon formed a human chain hoping for protection.
It's an absolute risk trying to cross 6 tracks of metro, car, and on-coming bike paths all tied together.
Brains Travel on Bikes?
We have no clue about biking in Canada!

Bikes were all over the streets, tied to posts, trees, cars, waterways, boats..
You name it...Bikes were stored in multi level car garages...
How could you ever identify your bike?
Parking a car in Amsterdam cost about 4 euros an hour...
now we know why they ride bikes.
No fitness programs needed in Holland.
Some rode up to 10 km to work, some more and others less.
As you can see, young and old, no helmets, they just whizzed past us,
sitting, standing, sleeping, side-saddling or whatever worked.
One was so daring as to strap his cello on to his bike and cart.
This seemed like the norm....
As you can see, I was a bit taken back by all the baskets they carried.
They became part of the fashion statement in Amsterdam.
Which basket do you think I liked the most?
I think I have a new project for my bike.
Whether walking or shopping or cycling, fashion seems to be a big statement in Amsterdam.
High boots, leggings, colorful shoes, pointy shoes..running shoes,red pants, patterned leggings,
It didn't matter what you wore, whether upside down or right side up.
I loved the exciting life of the downtown culture in Amsterdam.
Next I'll take you for a tour down the canal....right past Anne Frank's Home.

Join me and let's begin to ride our bikes!!


  1. They certainly have the bike 'thing' figured out there. We treat bike riding as some sort of extra-special activity in need of extraordinary equipment - and bikes are things to be barely tolerated on the roads. I love to see the people all dressed up for work, making their stately way by bike.

  2. Are you ready to give up the SUV? I'm thinking you just need a large, functional basket to attach to the 'rat trap' on your bike...and you're good to go! Never mind decorating it with faux flowers.

    Those pointy toed shoes don't look all that bike-rider friendly.

  3. Wow...that's a lot of bikes. Love the baskets.

  4. No helmets? Unbelievable - how ever do they manage? (as I wipe my sarcastic smile of my face!) Looks like a fabulous vacation! Those pointy shoes don't look the least bit comfortable, just pretty! Enjoy your week!

  5. We encountered the same bicycle culture in Copenhagen, Denmark. In most streets of the city, bikes far outnumber cars. It was so interesting to see sophisticated women in their haute couture and men in suits and ties riding bikes. And parents taking their kids to day care on the front and/or back of their bikes. It can get scary when that light turns green and all the bikes fill the intersection!

  6. Wow! I could just sit on a bench and watch! Also love the families on bikes. What a way to keep fit! That is how my family traveled when I was a child. Mom and Dad and three kids on two bicicles ... Dad called it our Volkswagon, because that is what he would have bought if he had the money.

  7. Always nice to see my city through the eyes of a visitor :) Funny remarks with the pics. Looking forward to read about your canal tour. Hope you had a great time in Amsterdam!

  8. Now that is some serious biking!

  9. What a fun post....put a smile on my face. I could just hear your voice as you strolled along and saw all these amazing sights. Bikes, shoes, flowers....such fun!

  10. Oh, sounds like my kind of town. My husband would be in bike heaven.

    Baskets? Since I liked the little natural colored basket on the front of the bike, I'll vote that one for your favortite, too.

  11. Fascinating and fun! I love the decorated baskets.

    But, just looking at the shoes makes my feet hurt.

  12. Marg,
    I have not yet ordered your cookbook so I'm holding out for the personally delivered one! That would be really fun, although I need a good six months to DIET first! Ha Ha!


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