Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Is He Doing?

I found my quiet spot...
The Cove!
Just a place for adults, no youngsters allowed.
Just a quiet place to sip on a nice quiet coffee...
so I thought!


My beautiful ocean view was totally interrupted by this guy.
Strangely enough, he had harnesses, tie-backs, chains,
belts...swim caps..and you name it.
He carefully tied his belongings to a chair.
I'm watching with interest, as I wonder
"What is this guy up to?"

On goes his hat...
Off goes his jacket..
I'm thinking..
"Maybe I should sneak down and untie this yellow bag."

He jumps in the water making a huge splash as if to say,

"Hello World.. Get in Shape.. Stay Healthy!
I'm over 70 and I'm still having fun!"

Oddly enough you've got the picture.
He tied himself with a harness onto the a ledge of the pool deck.
And now he was beginning a work out that lasted 45 minutes.
I was tired just watching him.
But I noticed the folks in the Cove, all, just like me, perked up
and watched him set up all his contraptions,
while swimming and splashing like crazy,
as he enjoyed his own resistant method of swimming.

Most of the people raced for dry chairs!

Then it came to me...
He looks like one of our family members.
We had fun...more than you can imagine...
And we laughed many times as we identified our family quirks.

Way to go Klaus!


  1. He sure knows how to counter balance all that food you get on those ships!! Way to go Klaus...

  2. I was wondering what he was up to!! Very clever!

  3. He looks to be in great shape - a great advertisement for his contraptions!

  4. So what kind of a program is that? Too funny.

  5. Atta boy!
    Senior men swimming is a regular sight in my home town of San Diego, but they are so serious about their laps and times that they choose racer style swim suits.

    Which has resulted in a tee shirt picturing a begoggled and swim cap clad Benny Hill doing a cannon ball jump into the pool and the words "Old guys in speedos, just try to catch them!"

    (And yeah, Laura gave the tee shirt to Bernie after he got in ranked in the top ten nationally for relay on his age group in his 40s).


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