Saturday, June 18, 2011

We're Home Again!

Towards the last day,
they were eagerly waiting to return back home.

Our tour guide, Steff, had done one amazing job.
You can see, she is checking over the list once more,
making sure that our luxurious limousine would deliver us HOME!

Oh to see the sights of Vancouver and know that we had arrived.

Is there a normal, again for me?
What would I do without all those wonderful moments
with using my hand bag as a catch all for all..
I can still remember those words,
"Oma, I'm hungry..."

And the older one said,
"I need to find your blog called
Marg's Home I can read about our good times."


  1. Ahh we can read about our good times! So sweet.

  2. So glad you are 'home again'...and telling us all about it!

  3. Memories have been made......welcome home!

  4. There's no place like home!! Glad you had a great time! And the kids want to read about it on your blog - that's so cool!

  5. Hi Marg!
    What an amazingly wonderful time you had!
    As you sort through your filled tote bag ~ I'm sure many more memories will tumble out ... I love finding things in my carry-all that are like little mementos!

    Wishing you a week full of happy reminiscing!

  6. The photo of the boys at the window..I like that one!
    Welcome home Marg!

  7. What your grandson said about reading your's so's a cyber scrap book that he can look at and all those fun memories will come rushing back! What a great trip you had!


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