Monday, June 27, 2011

The Travelling Bag!

I'm barely home from one cruise and off to the next...
Do you still remember that hand bag from my Disney tour?
Well, here it is again...only things have changed.
My passports are in hand and I'm just about to board 
my last flight home from Amsterdam....with a bag full of tulips.
(not baby wipes)

My last four days were spent in the beautiful city of Amsterdam,
but what made this time so that I met Ellen, the owner of this quaint little gift shop.
She answered all our questions about shopping in Amsterdam.
She suggested that we visit and shop at a nearby village of Amstelveen,
a suburban municipality in the Netherlands.
She did not even know us more than 15 minutes, and she offered to drive us there.
She just looked at me and sized me up to be about 40 and said, 
"This is the place you need to go..and you will enjoy yourselves, and
don't forget the fresh cheese market," she explained.
Oh, did I forget to tell you, that this was the ladies shopping excursion,
while the men decided to opt out and check out the farm tours.

She new exactly what we needed, but we braved the metro system and found out that we 
could actually read maps and make sense of them if you turned them in the right direction as you walked.

Thank you Ellen for your wonderful hospitality. 
Her little boutique left you with the real charm of Amsterdam.
You were a jewel for us.
 Wow, that Bag seems to carry all the things that women like, not what little boys need.
That BAG has held out and wants to share with you, the good and bad about it's travelling days.

By now, some of you are wondering and others have figured it out.
In the past three weeks, we travelled with some wonderful  friends to Scandinavia.
They made sure that all the bags were there, counted and packed frequently.
Thanks Frank & Elma for taking such good care of us during our travels,
and making sure that we arrived at the airport and returned in a fashionable manner.
There's nothing like being chauffeured around in a big farm truck and
nothing feels better than being safely HOME AGAIN.

PS...Thanks Judy for your technical advice today.


  1. You've been far and wide this spring! It's good to have a bag that fits the shoulder and holds absolutely everything that a little fellow or a gal might need!....and a gal needs tulips in the Netherlands!

  2. OHHH. .so that is where you went.. .chuckle. It's good to have you home again Marg. .and I am hoping we'll get to see much more of your latest travels. I love my big bag that I purchased this spring too...perfect for shoving yet one more thing in.

  3. I thought you'd dropped off the planet-I didn't know that you were covering every inch in person! Sounds like a great summer so far!

  4. I think we would all love Ellen...full of good advice and compliments about our age! Your bag served you well...bringing home lot's of good reminders of the places you visited.

    It's good to have you 'home again'. Hope you are planning on staying while!

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound and you found a nice Ellen across the seas! Your blog looks lovely, too.

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Marg! I've always wanted to see Amsterdamn...hopefully someday I'll get there!


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