Monday, June 6, 2011

Transformation Begins!

I woke up and looked out from my den.
My front yard had an extreme make-over!
Our landscaper came early...and placed all the plants.
Wow! is all I could say.

The transformation process has been started.

I've dreaming and envisioning for awhile.

Things were beginning to take shape.
I needed some color and sun.

What would we do with out God's wonderful array of beauty?
The best part is that he allows us to become the Gardener's.


  1. It looks beautiful! I spent yesterday working on our place and hated to leave it for the ferry in the late afternoon.
    It's lovely to be over here in the sunshine - all that blue sky is a treat!

  2. And isn't it wonderful that once things are in the ground...they grow without any little effort on our part? Enjoy your transformed yard!

  3. Looking good Marg. .I hope you are watering those new shrubs in this heat!! Enjoy that beautiful yard.

  4. It's a nice transformation, Marg!

  5. Your yard is looking amazing. How fun to get everything redone!

  6. Hurry for big black plastic pots filled with garden making goodness! Instant gratification!
    For some women it is fabric stores, for me it is garden centers where I just can't stop myself from buying more and more. In fact, I want to go pick up a few delphinium today.

  7. It looks lovely Marg!


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