Thursday, June 23, 2011

Only Once!



Oh My!

What will HE say?

I drove my SUV into the garage with the back door lifted up!

Quickly, I threw it into reverse...

By then HE was at the door....

"Leave it alone...go for a walk....I'll deal with it."

I went for a walk.

Came home...

Noticed some changes.

What would he be doing on top of my SUV?

He installed a marker...
so that when the window hits the marker...
Marg knows the vehicle is in perfect position.
I've done it for how many years?

Only Once!


  1. i have the picture in my head, and it makes me smile...
    a marker is a good idea.
    my friend has a ping pong ball on a string for hers.
    i on the other hand don't have a marker :}.....i didn't say i couldn't use one ;)

  2. Oh Marg. . .I have a marker to center the vehicle. .and blocks not to drive through the wall. ..and still I sometimes can't quite get it centered and on occasion push those blocks pretty hard. :)

  3. :)
    You've made every one of us smile!
    We have two garages, but neither has ever held an actual car.

  4. I have one of those dangling reminders too. Can't tell you how often I walk into it when the car is parked outside.
    A whole empty garage and still I manage to get it square on my forehead. It's a talent I guess.

  5. We have a sting with a little screw hanging in our garage just like that!

  6. A marker is good but this reminded me of when I tried to drive into the garage with 2 bikes on top of our car. Ouch...

  7. I know you have too many things to think about! That was an easy fix!

  8. Oh my...I think the hanging marker is a good idea. I hope everything is fine now. Your visit to Disney looks like it was the happiest time on earth >)

  9. Oh dear...

    Reminds me of the time I backed into a tree by our driveway - I wonder if Roger could install some type of deterrent for that??

    Love your little grandboy's comment about your blog in the last entry! :)

  10. I don't have a yet! Who knows one day I may have one too:)

  11. My favorite part of the story is where he told you to go for a walk. Sometimes that is the best thing to do in such a moment!!


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