Friday, June 3, 2011

One Thousand Gifts ~ Restoration

By now, you know what I mean...
it's messy and dirty and that's not how I envision my front yard.

All those shrubs are over 20 years old,
old and stunted, sort of like me...
not too much healthy growth anymore.
They need to go!

Out came the old Ford tractor, once more...
to do it's needed work in tearing out tree stumps and shrubs.

Front and back.
Out came the shrubs, one by one.

The ground was rotavated and tilled and tilled again..
More top soil was brought in and dumped on the clay below.
Isn't that often what happens to us...
Life sometimes strips us to the bare walls
and we need to be replenishing all over again.
Wouldn't we all love an extreme make-over?

Meanwhile, I've relished many thoughts of a book that I'm reading called,

"One Thousand Gifts"

I love this book as it teaches me how to continuously embrace things,
and that's when I realized while we were transforming our yard,
into something beautiful once again, our God wants to continuously transform us.

Those kind of thoughts have helped me to stay focused through
the hard tasks of some of these projects.

It's good to recount blessings while things are not always perfect.


  1. It is indeed good to be transformed from the inside out.
    I look forward to seeing the restoration of your garden beds.

  2. An extreme makeover...hmmm.
    sounds interesting right about now :0)

  3. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    When God is tilling the soil of or hearts, it gets messy sometimes, BUT the new is oh soooo beautiful when He completes the renovation.
    Love from,
    Sandy in NC

  4. Beuatiful post, Marg. ... great analogy and so true!

  5. Good for you guys tearing out tired old landscaping. Lots of folks around here apparently bought tam junipers 57 years ago and never gave landscaping another thought. I shudder to imagine what is under those sprawling tams.
    Of course I also shudder when I meet folks to became Christians long ago and that was that. No personal changes are ever needed in their opinon.

    We have two bit of landscaping that need to go. I said to Bernie: Couldn't we just chain the things to my all wheel drive and tug them out.

    He was really patient with me...told me about all the funny clips of Youtube of people who have tried that and found themselves with a shrub still in place and attached to a detached car bumper. Lucky you and your tractor!

  6. It is always hard going through the mess of a redo, but the end results are always worth it. We are doing the same thing in our back yard with our new playhouse. Tear out then rebuild. (I'm VERY much the same way-school ended today and I need to rebuild my home making skills!)

  7. Transformation - such a beautiful word with so many layers of meaning.
    Your front yard will be lovely! I remember TGD taking out an old yew with the help of our old Volvo. The entire neighbourhood showed up to watch!

  8. I loved this post. God has been doing an extreme makeover in our lives....glory it's tough but it's going to be good. And how exciting that you're ready to start over with new fun!

  9. We are reading "1000 Gifts" at our Bible Study group right now. Luuuuuuuv it! Have you started writing down the things you are thankful for?

  10. Counting your blessings when things are not perfect...the best advice! If we wait until things are perfect to be thankful...we will have missed the thanksgiving train.

    Sometimes we need an extreme makeover...not only in our landscaping...but in our lives.


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