Friday, June 10, 2011

Disney Welcomes Young at Heart!

The final moment for boarding arrived.
Eager faces and voices that have been waiting.
"How much longer?"
"What time is it?"

Young and old were more than delighted to see the water park.

Our captain aboard, rang out his too familiar tune....
which we all recognized quickly.

They made sure we felt more than welcomed as we
knew this would be home for the rest of the week.

Off to the sunset we sailed...
knowing there would be good times ahead.


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    Marg, it looks like this was very fun! Dairymary

  2. I have a few grands that would love to check out these pictures. It looks like a fun time!

  3. The more I hear about this cruise, the more I think it will be a good idea for a little family I know - and of course for the grandparents too.

  4. Your grands are blessed to have the older folk enjoy this cruise with them.

  5. Awww... perfect memories !! I know they will last for years to come !!

  6. Oh my, this does look like fun. How special to be able to do this with your grand-boys!


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