Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disney Here We Come!

Can you imagine 17 family members from 3-93 years of age,
boarding a air flight together,
being stripped of our jackets and shoes,
tripping over each others baggage,
trying to file through security in procedure,
trying to find each other and locate our belongings?
It's all in the FAMILY!

How many bags?
How many heads?
Who's gto Silas?
Who's got Levi?
Hey, where's Marg?
(Probably in the can!)

That was the only place to escape at times.

For some, the line-up was too long.

Our leader continued to trod on...
Reminding us...
"All play and no Work!"
We all knew who she was...
her red highlighted hair, Mickey Mouse hat, and Mickey teddy bear,
helped us identify her very quickly.
You could tell that she was prepared for the on surge
of questions fielding her from all ages and angles.

"Didn't any of you read your documents?"

We trusted our leader to have all the information.

But one little guy had no worries....
How many times did he just take time to quickly crash out.


  1. What an adventure! That picture of the toddler-style sleep mask is priceless!

  2. Now that sounds like a wonderful family time. Love the plane...and your little sleeper.

  3. That photo of your little guy with his head tucked in his pillow is priceless. Boy do I recognize that curb outside Alaska baggage claim!!

  4. I think we should all have a pillow like that when we travel! It looks like the perfect family holiday for kids of all ages.

  5. Smiling at the tuckered out one. Aren't they heavy when they are fast asleep? Very cute.

  6. What a great vacation this was. If I had known you had that picture of me, I would have included it in my album... oh well.


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