Thursday, May 26, 2011

One More Recap ~ Lest We Forget!

Welcome to my version of sharing our events over the past weeks!

At our's easy to forget some things,
so I'm just taking a few minutes to recap some
of our golden highlights together over the past month.
I thought it was going to be just the Chilliwack Girls at Grand Pappy's,
for our very first book signing....

Before we knew it, Lovella, Anneliese, and Julie slowly moved in, one at a time,
checking to make sure everything was in order.
And before we knew it....
Someone hollered...

"Won't you sign my book?"

We turned to see who was so impatient.
It was our dear Betty, all the way from Winnipeg.
She surprised us one day early.

The following day we scooted off to Lepp Farms where once again,
we were greeted by the public.
What makes this photo so special?
We are all FARMER"S WIVES!
Thanks Karen for joining us...while reporting
for the BC Holstein News magazine.

I love this fancy footwork.
We don't only feature books, but the latest trends also.
Could the real trendy person please identify herself.

A pleasant welcome at Wink's for another book signing.
As you know this has become one of favorite places to visit and shop.

House of James invited us the following Monday night.
Young and old came to check us out.
We kept signing till they ran out of books.
Meanwhile our husbands were in the back room
cheering on the hockey game, highlighting the Canucks goals.

The highlight of the weekend, was spending time in Her HIS Shop.
We've had so much fun watching HER build her dreams.
She's chosen us and we've all tried to help support in whatever way,
that was necessary to help accomplish her dreams,
which we know all own together as a MGCC group.
SHE/WE could not of done this without Terry's support!
Thank You Terry!

Men at one end...

Women at the other end...
signing away.
Has anything changed in our circles?

Last, but not least...
I love how farmers, quickly clean up.
Just dump everything into the back of the pick-up and haul it away.

Thanks Girls!
This whole idea of writing recipes for a blog,
and signing books,
has never been on my bucket list.
But it's sure been an opportunity of a life time,
sharing, exploring and dreaming about new adventures.
We've cried, laughed and encouraged each other many times.

Thanks for being there!


  1. You all make my heart smile. I couldn't be happier for you. I have a good idea that God has a big smile, too.

  2. Marg ..I love your recap. Thanks for showing the last few weeks from your perspective. .it made me feel ..It was all worth it! I love this group too and you my dear girl are just one of my favorites!!

  3. A great recap Marg..every moment was precious..I have stored those memories in my heart!

  4. We won't forget! Great memories of our Second Summit. I don't think it was the last one!

  5. Love your recap Marg! It was all so loverly. I'm so glad you got a photo of the men and the girls at the opposite ends of the table! I'll confess to those socks!

  6. I love that I can share these memories with you.

  7. Talk about 'fringe benefits'... to me that has been the very best part of our MGCC group!
    A very lovely recap, Marg! the memories will not be forgot!!

    Sometimes I have to chuckle at the word verification that comes up -- mine? dinelite...hmm.. think that's a hint??

  8. I enjoyed that from afar - so many of us have lived this with you - vicariously, but thoroughly nonetheless!

  9. It is exciting to be blogging friends with someone famous! Your cookbook friendship group seems like a fun bunch of talented ladies! I wish I were there to get in on all the excitement. (I love the aprons!)

  10. Wow high lighted so many wonderful moments.....memories we will hold dear for the years to come. Love you!

  11. Oh my...the photos were priceless....wonderful post.


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