Monday, May 30, 2011

New Beginnings ~ Renovations

And one day it started...
A truck arrived, lifted it's hoist and dumped gravel
all over the middle of my front yard.
I'm wondering what's happening...
Well, this is the year for yard work renovations.
I thought we put in a new fence a few years ago...
but it was already starting to lean quite hopelessly.

The tractor came from the farm.

Remember these old cement mixers?
I'm sure every farmer has one hanging around.

And each post was given it's cement footing.
I'm hoping that's for life.

How many posts?
I asked him why we couldn't get a cement truck?
"They can't drive on the newly seeded grass, Marg"

Eighty posts later,
the job is complete, and the fence line is forever.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hopefully we're done for awhile.


  1. When I see how much our shrubs have grown in a few years...I know why there will always be 'new beginnings'! I'm sure you will have many years of enjoying your new landscape before any more reno's are required. It's looking good over there!

  2. My experience is that there is always one more thing - so sit back while you can and enjoy that beautiful new fence.....I'll bet your farmer has another project or two waiting!

  3. That's a great fence!

  4. Oh yes. .what a job. It sure would have been easier to dump the cement in the first time. Glad the project is done for life. Our poles all got cement feet too.

  5. Looks great! Strong enough to last and keep things in and out.

  6. Truth be told...I think guys just enjoy mixing up their own cement in their own mixer. Kind of like home made cake making instead of store bought.
    Bernie still mourns the cement mixer he had to leave behind when we moved to the San Francisco area years ago.

    Your new fence looks just grand!

  7. Nothing like a good footing!

  8. That's a lot of work!! Very nice fence! Where you live it is probably ok to leave the concrete exposed like that, but up north here it needs to be sunk under the soil so it is safe from the winter frost.


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