Monday, May 23, 2011

Life is Continuous Learning!

Today is a special holiday, Victoria Day!
Hope you have all enjoyed the long weekend,
with both sun and rain.

I decided I wanted to let all of you gals know, whether
young or old,
that just because we have a book in the shelves,
Mennonite Girls Can Cook,
that does not mean we have arrived.

I am always challenged, forever, wondering how to add that special touch.
I appreciate the work and effort...but never seem to quite cut the knack.

I love shopping at Winks....
You open the door and the scents are inviting you to stay...
for awhile and shop.
Guess what's wrapped in their signature paper?
Gift wrapping adds that special touch as I walked out and say Goodbye.
"Should I gift wrap these towel for you?"
Generally I say, Yes,
but this time I thought I'd try my hand at it!

Here's my final version of wrapping a rhubarb loaf,
together with towels from Winks,
for three wonderful friends.
Happy Birthday Girls.

This past week I received a gift....for no reason at all.
Eight small sized bread pans,
and as I opened the package....
I found a special note about friendship in each pan.
I've been borrowing Judy's pans for awhile and loved them.
Now I have my very own set.

Ah Ha!
I finally tried Char's Maple Twists!
This recipe has intrigued me for along time.
I've tasted them everywhere and now it was my turn to try something new.
Thank-you Betty for visually showing me how to put this masterpiece together.
And you can find this wonderful recipe in the MGCC Book.

This week Judy and I delivered a workshop on hospitality
to the young women's Break Away group at church.
Judy demonstrated 101 ways to decorate a brownie.
What a delightful inspiration.
So this week, I tried my hand at adding an extra touch to my
Rhubarb Cheese Tart.
You know where you can find this recipe today!

So as you go along your days and years...
Remember the saying,
You can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Don't believe it...get out and try something new.

Try something new today!


  1. Another very enjoyable post! Have a fabulous Victoria Day. Looks like it's going to drizzle or rain here, plus it's quite cool. After morning errands, I'll read and hopefully learn something new!

  2. Wonderful post Marg! I think we're all good examples of teaching an old dog new tricks. I'll look for an adventure today :0)
    Blessings on you.

  3. No old dogs about that I can see...grin. Happy Victoria Day. Great post today and yes...we are all learning new tricks but we mustn't forget that we actually DO know a lot. You sure are creative and that is something I do not your little gift wrappings.

  4. It's called lifetime learning...we're never too old! Though I find I'm quite selective in what I want to learn at my age. Blogging has been great in that way...I've learned so many fun things from other bloggers.

    Have a wonderful Victoria Day! Are you trying anything 'new' today?

  5. Great post Marg. I love how Winks makes everything beautiful but it looks like you did a great job yourself.
    We are all in lifelong learning and I am happy I am.

  6. Great post, Marg. And, I like Judy's response that she is selective in what she wants to learn at this point. I am so there. I love learning and trying new things, but I sometimes think my brain is near full capacity.

    Your gifts look wonderful, and I know the lucky recipients will agree.

    Happy Victoria Day!

  7. Now that's inspiring! I like your homemade goodies wrapped along with tea towels.

  8. I love that gift wrap from Winks..I still have mine.
    You did a great job on the Maple Twists, Marg..see it wasn't hard at all was it? :)
    Your homemade goodies with the tea towels is a wonderful gift idea.

  9. It all looks delicious!
    You know, I was reading a blog today and thought 'What's Marg doing in Norway?'.....just thought that you'd want to know that there's a woman in Norway who could be your twin! Just enlarge the first picture to see

  10. I'll have to look for something new to learn today. I know! New ways to eat the See's chocolates my student gave me!

  11. I tried to comment yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me. I hope you enjoyed your Victoria Day. This is a crazy time of year and I hope we will survive! Less than two more weeks for me till school is out. Yeah!

  12. I agree...Winks is a wonderful little 'jewel' in Chilliwack. My friend stopped by there this week and purchased 5 books to take home to Victoria with her as gifts....and she was delighted when asked if they could gift wrap them all for her....and so beautifully. She also picked up a beautiful pearl necklace to take on an upcoming cruise. Love your little birthday gifts.....isn't it fun!


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