Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Canucks Go!

What else can we say since the 2010 World Hockey Olympics?

Go Canucks Go!

The first time to the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1994...

We are proud of our Canucks!
Vancouver is transformed again...
and understands those special moments.
We all remember the day and moment when Sidney Crosby
lifted his team and nation,
in what might have gone down as the greatest game of all time.

But now, only 15 months later a new name emerges.
Kevin Bieksa #3 will never forget that moment.
Beiksa's double overtime goal sends the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals.
The intensity and emotion will only grow over the next weeks.

Let's join in the Canadian Spirit and cheer our Canucks on!

Once again, we're on Top of the World!!!!

Can you imagine being at a game like that?
Who was there?


  1. Is there a game on???? Enjoy!!

  2. Keep wearing that shirt, Marg. Don't leave home without it! There may be more great games coming.

  3. I'm happy when my Canadian friends are happy except for when it comes to the upcoming Vancouver White Caps vs. Seattle Sounders game. I have to draw the line somewhere...
    Go Canucks!!

  4. It is all great, and we are having fun, too. I will pull for your Canucks!

  5. Wasn't that a great goal!? Our phone rang almost right away - our son in Ontario was up watching the game and wanted someone to cheer with him - Go Canucks!


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