Monday, May 30, 2011

New Beginnings ~ Renovations

And one day it started...
A truck arrived, lifted it's hoist and dumped gravel
all over the middle of my front yard.
I'm wondering what's happening...
Well, this is the year for yard work renovations.
I thought we put in a new fence a few years ago...
but it was already starting to lean quite hopelessly.

The tractor came from the farm.

Remember these old cement mixers?
I'm sure every farmer has one hanging around.

And each post was given it's cement footing.
I'm hoping that's for life.

How many posts?
I asked him why we couldn't get a cement truck?
"They can't drive on the newly seeded grass, Marg"

Eighty posts later,
the job is complete, and the fence line is forever.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hopefully we're done for awhile.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One More Recap ~ Lest We Forget!

Welcome to my version of sharing our events over the past weeks!

At our's easy to forget some things,
so I'm just taking a few minutes to recap some
of our golden highlights together over the past month.
I thought it was going to be just the Chilliwack Girls at Grand Pappy's,
for our very first book signing....

Before we knew it, Lovella, Anneliese, and Julie slowly moved in, one at a time,
checking to make sure everything was in order.
And before we knew it....
Someone hollered...

"Won't you sign my book?"

We turned to see who was so impatient.
It was our dear Betty, all the way from Winnipeg.
She surprised us one day early.

The following day we scooted off to Lepp Farms where once again,
we were greeted by the public.
What makes this photo so special?
We are all FARMER"S WIVES!
Thanks Karen for joining us...while reporting
for the BC Holstein News magazine.

I love this fancy footwork.
We don't only feature books, but the latest trends also.
Could the real trendy person please identify herself.

A pleasant welcome at Wink's for another book signing.
As you know this has become one of favorite places to visit and shop.

House of James invited us the following Monday night.
Young and old came to check us out.
We kept signing till they ran out of books.
Meanwhile our husbands were in the back room
cheering on the hockey game, highlighting the Canucks goals.

The highlight of the weekend, was spending time in Her HIS Shop.
We've had so much fun watching HER build her dreams.
She's chosen us and we've all tried to help support in whatever way,
that was necessary to help accomplish her dreams,
which we know all own together as a MGCC group.
SHE/WE could not of done this without Terry's support!
Thank You Terry!

Men at one end...

Women at the other end...
signing away.
Has anything changed in our circles?

Last, but not least...
I love how farmers, quickly clean up.
Just dump everything into the back of the pick-up and haul it away.

Thanks Girls!
This whole idea of writing recipes for a blog,
and signing books,
has never been on my bucket list.
But it's sure been an opportunity of a life time,
sharing, exploring and dreaming about new adventures.
We've cried, laughed and encouraged each other many times.

Thanks for being there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Canucks Go!

What else can we say since the 2010 World Hockey Olympics?

Go Canucks Go!

The first time to the Stanley Cup Playoffs since 1994...

We are proud of our Canucks!
Vancouver is transformed again...
and understands those special moments.
We all remember the day and moment when Sidney Crosby
lifted his team and nation,
in what might have gone down as the greatest game of all time.

But now, only 15 months later a new name emerges.
Kevin Bieksa #3 will never forget that moment.
Beiksa's double overtime goal sends the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals.
The intensity and emotion will only grow over the next weeks.

Let's join in the Canadian Spirit and cheer our Canucks on!

Once again, we're on Top of the World!!!!

Can you imagine being at a game like that?
Who was there?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Life is Continuous Learning!

Today is a special holiday, Victoria Day!
Hope you have all enjoyed the long weekend,
with both sun and rain.

I decided I wanted to let all of you gals know, whether
young or old,
that just because we have a book in the shelves,
Mennonite Girls Can Cook,
that does not mean we have arrived.

I am always challenged, forever, wondering how to add that special touch.
I appreciate the work and effort...but never seem to quite cut the knack.

I love shopping at Winks....
You open the door and the scents are inviting you to stay...
for awhile and shop.
Guess what's wrapped in their signature paper?
Gift wrapping adds that special touch as I walked out and say Goodbye.
"Should I gift wrap these towel for you?"
Generally I say, Yes,
but this time I thought I'd try my hand at it!

Here's my final version of wrapping a rhubarb loaf,
together with towels from Winks,
for three wonderful friends.
Happy Birthday Girls.

This past week I received a gift....for no reason at all.
Eight small sized bread pans,
and as I opened the package....
I found a special note about friendship in each pan.
I've been borrowing Judy's pans for awhile and loved them.
Now I have my very own set.

Ah Ha!
I finally tried Char's Maple Twists!
This recipe has intrigued me for along time.
I've tasted them everywhere and now it was my turn to try something new.
Thank-you Betty for visually showing me how to put this masterpiece together.
And you can find this wonderful recipe in the MGCC Book.

This week Judy and I delivered a workshop on hospitality
to the young women's Break Away group at church.
Judy demonstrated 101 ways to decorate a brownie.
What a delightful inspiration.
So this week, I tried my hand at adding an extra touch to my
Rhubarb Cheese Tart.
You know where you can find this recipe today!

So as you go along your days and years...
Remember the saying,
You can't teach an old dog new tricks?
Don't believe it...get out and try something new.

Try something new today!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Man Overboard

I felt like starting this entry with the words,
Man Overboard!

Somehow since I arrived home from our Disney Vacation,
I've been thrown into a tail spin of events.
I love to be active...but not quite this active.

Anyways as I was getting ready to post...
a huge error sign posted that i need to purchase storage space.

Looks like I'm not meant to post tonight.
I think I'll go and watch American Idol...

I am well and look forward to sharing life with you once again.

How boring life would be without our colorful photos!