Monday, April 18, 2011

We Came In All Sorts, Shapes & Sizes!

An evening to remember.
We came together at Lepp's Farms to be reminded of generations,
young and old...
all sorts, shapes and sizes.
We smiled, we nodded and we laughed.
There was no doubt that we understood each other well.

First we shopped for our foods.
I think this could become the norm for me.
They presented their farm fresh produce with pride,
and better yet, you could see, smell and taste the freshness.

In no short order we were preparing our foods.
Green Bean Soup, Zweiback and Paska
Five of us worked the kitchen till the wee hours of the night.

Prior to the opening, nerves and estrogen saturated the country market.
Finally, it was 7:00 pm.

Lovella gracefully demonstrated her famous Paska
that was handed down from her grandmother.
This is the recipe that brought us gals together at MGCC.

Ellen demonstrated her creative artwork,
by showing us how to make her famous cheese spread,
known as Seerney Spread.
After I tasted it, I realized that my grandmother had made
the very same spread many years ago.
Guess what I will be making this Easter?
Thanks Ellen for that special block of cheese.

You could hear the audience oooh and aaah... over this artwork.
The letters X and B symbolize that "Christ is Risen"

Judy was teaching the younger generation to shape Zweiback.
"How do you pinch it off?" they asked her.
We smiled, as we drove home that night discussing at length,
the procedure of actually pinching those little buns?
We still do not have an answer, except that it takes practice.

Bev demonstrated how to make Green Bean Soup,
suggesting that the secret ingredient is Summer Savory,
which you can probably only find in your Grandma's freezer.
I just finished off the last bowl for Sunday lunch.

All our recipes yielded enough for all our guests to sample,

You know who really stole the show?
Charlotte introduced us to her daughter and Oma!
Let me tell you..
This Oma knows how to make Zweiback...both hands spinning at once.
She was not the least bit concerned about the size or shape...
she just pounded them out, laughed out loud with the rest of us
and said...

"And dis big von is for der Opa!"

And plunked it on the pan.

So there you go, it doesn't always have to be perfect...
When there's no food left at the end of the day,
then you know your baking was a success.

Remember most of us will be cooking for the rest of our lives.
You may as well enjoy it!


  1. What a good time you all had!
    I pass that market often, when I'm out that way, so I'll have to stop in to shop for my hotel snacks.

  2. I've enjoyed reading every blog entry about your wonderful evening!! What a fun time. I only have one complaint - I wasn't there!! :)

  3. Now we can laugh. We were a tad nervous before the class...I will admit.

    So true...we come in all shapes and sizes. And so do our buns!

  4. Love your post and your perspective Marg! Yes all shapes and sizes for sure.

  5. Glad you had a blast - with old friends and new! Thanks for sharing1

  6. You girls are having so much fun cooking together that now I am wondering if we modern women really missed out of the communal cooking fun that generations of women enjoyed in the past. Guess a cooking demo is the next best thing.

  7. I think your last comment says it best,Marg! It truly was a fun evening and there was such a feeling of family having fun together the whole evening. Special thanks to Rob and Charlotte Lepp who have provided such a great venue to share cooking skills and tips.

  8. How fun to keep those old recipes alive and well. What a great thing you are doing for the next generation.

  9. Oh fun wishing I could have tasted Ellen's spread! Another successful class.

  10. I loved that Oma. .she completely did steal the show and we were all so happy she did. ..wonderful recap Marg.

  11. What fun !!!!
    I recognized Mrs. Klassen immediately from my childhood church. I love the three generations!

  12. I love the fun going on in that kitchen!


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