Monday, April 4, 2011


I brought out my two lawn chairs.
The ones that provide for us a quick fix to have a coffee break,
while doing our outside gardening.
Remember there's always coffee brewing in our shop.

I brought my wooden potting plants to the shop.
They need a new coat of paint.
But first they have to dry.

This compost pile has been waiting to be moved since February.
The tractor has come and gone.
It's too wet.

I spent a few hours trying to turn over the soil in my garden box.
The potatoes will have to wait...
As you can's to wet.

The daffodils are drooping their blooms...
They are waiting for the sun.

These tulips are waiting...
So that I can see them blooming brightly from my kitchen window.

We had one sunny day last week...
I brought out my garden tools.
I thought I would leave them outside...
in hopes that the sun would shine.

And it did...for a few hours,
just long enough to run outside and witness the blue skies.

Notice the fresh snow blowing on Mount Cheam?
Further down the can seethe low snow levels.

We're all see what our sovereign God orchestrates.


  1. I love the garden tools waiting by the tree! We had one good, warm day and I got a few pansies in the ground. The next day we were hit by five inches of snow. Looks like we will have to be patient a little longer.

  2. Ack! I have the waiting bug too. I am waiting for all of these enormous snow piles to seep into the ground. I wait for smelly soggy mittens, snowpants, jeans, and socks to dry, and the grass to will itself out of the snow. I wait for the air to warm up, while drinking coffee on the front step for a brief moment before retreating to the warmth of my home. Just yesterday I could tell that Aslan is on the move! Hurrah. We can now hurry up and wait!

  3. I'm looking outside for every sign of sunshine as well. My chairs are waiting to be painted and then we can sit and enjoy coffee after some yard work. I love seeing whats happening over in your yard. since I live only a stones throw from your place I can see that neither of us will be seeing sun today.

  4. Looking up, through the skylight, I can tell that there will be no sun on the Island today, either. The water splashes when when I walk on the lawn and my daffodils are in the same posture as yours. Won't it be grand when we wake up to blue sky, perky daffodils, dry lawns and sunshine!?
    Have fun roaring around today with your buddy - and have fun at class~!

  5. Those photos are great! The waiting game - oh what fun! But while you're waiting, I'm sure you are busy with other things and not twiddling your thumbs. You've got everything ready to go as soon as the sun shows up! Blessings!

  6. Poor little garden tools--waiting and waiting like a girl stood up by her prom date :( Soon, soon, there will be sun and friable soil!

  7. We are indeed waiting. I think we're all getting a bit weary of the wait but the promise of snippets of blue sky can change my attitude so quickly.
    We transplanted the rhubarb into a new spot this last week. Hopefully it will get more sun and grow rapidly in the damp wet ..soggy soil.

  8. There is something good about waiting..that joy to see the first flower open, the snow disappearing and the blue skies.
    I'm enjoying the sun today.

  9. We're all waiting for that sun!!

  10. It seems much of life is a waiting room. But we have good company while we wait!

  11. Waiting with you Marg! Love this post...

  12. Very beautiful pictures. Those tulips look like long slender fingers...closed yet stretching up toward their maker...ready to worship him as soon as the sun comes.


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