Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Punching down the Time!

The Time Has Come!
This gal has never made Zweiback by scratch...
so I've been practicing...
I'm still thinking..."Let the machine punch it out."
Some of you may be asking what are Zweiback?
Some refer to them as Double Deckers.

This coming Thursday, April 14th
we are demonstrating at Cooking Class at Lepp's Farm.
So I've been practicing.
Oh by the way...it's too late, the class is already sold out.

I'm following Lovella's instruction step by step.
Oh, by the way...this will be the recipe in the new
MGCC cookbook, to arrived shortly,
at some of our local merchants.

Some cut the butter into the flour...
others just melt the butter in the milk.
There are so many different ways to do things.
Some people use potato water, instead of mashed potato flakes.
Which is the right way? or which is the right method?
Well for this day..we will follow the recipe to a tee.

Some use the bent index finger, in other words the knuckle.
You force the knuckle down,
right through both top and bottom buns to seal them.

Others can use two index fingers at once.
Make sure that the dough is the size of a walnut..not a baseball.
I know which method works best for me.
My fingers got so tired, that finally I cheated.

I finally just pinched off the dough and made ordinary buns.
Much quicker and easier on my hands.

But I'm still learning and having fun smiling at all the dimples.
It's similar to some other textures that I've noticed lately.

As you can see...they are not perfect.
They look like they are laying over and reaching out for support.

The end result?
They taste wonderful...they look great,
and who's method?
Well it goes back to the old saying...
A bit of this, a pinch of that and Bingo...you have Zweiback.

By the way, this group of women cooking and baking are the best!
No matter what we do or say, we always rise up again.

I was just warned that I might be on deck for Paska!
Oh, I better go practice.


  1. Oh to be a fly on the wall!!
    I know, from a recent tasting, that these little buns are delicious.
    Paska? - I'll be watching this space! Good luck with your demo.

  2. Looks like you had fun - and so will the students in the class on Thursday. All the best!

  3. Oh I love making Zweibach. For me they are much quicker and easier than any other buns. Yours look terrific Marg, and it reminds me that I have to make a batch or two for my grandkids who will all be asking for them when they come in a couple of weeks. Our 2 year old g-son learned to say "zweeback" recently and asks for them each time he comes to Nana's.

  4. Today I'm racing around to get all the ingredients I need for the Seerney Paska. Hope the border crossing goes well :0)
    Your practice Zweiback looks fabulous!

  5. They look wonderful! I'm sure the smell in your house was amazing while they baked.
    When i taught the cinnamon bun class at Lepp's I told the ladies that there is not a right or wrong way.....if they turn out...then you have succeeded. Who made one way right anyhow? So many good cooks, so many good ways of 'punching, pinching, poking'....that doesn't sound too good, but you know what I mean. Such fun!

  6. Hi Marg!
    Oh I can smell them baking from all the way over here! They look delicious!
    I hope all is well with your family ~ your children and grandchildren!
    Your cookbook comes out soon ~ how exciting!
    I will definitely be ordering a copy!
    You are all amazing women ~
    Blessings always,

  7. I'm smiling...at all your practising...and punching!

  8. I had to laugh..like you, sometimes while baking I wonder why I am fussing and decide to take a more direct approach after awhile. Bet they taste great either way!

  9. Nothing beats the smell of hot bread. Your rolls look heavenly!


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