Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it OK to Drop In?

Years back, when I was very young...
I remember people always dropping in at my parents home.
And I loved it, because most times I could get out of my chores.
If my grandparents came over...I was ecstatic,
because I did not have to do dishes or help my mom in the kitchen.

The other day...I stopped by at my grandson's and I heard the familiar words.

"Not till your room is cleaned up."

I stopped and paused...had a soft word with his father.
Quietly I snuck into his room and quickly cleaned it up.

Later that day, when he came bounding in...
going straight to his room,
he opened the door...and became ecstatic.
His arms draped around me and I could feel his genuine hug of appreciation.
His words echoed through the house.
"Thank-you Thank-you Oma for cleaning my room."
Oh, yes, my boy...I remember those days.

Today I had a day to run errands galore.
The whole time I thought....
I need to drop something off, but will she be home?
Should I phone or just drop in?
Then I started thinking way back to an experience...
when I dropped in and was turned no uncertain terms.
Today my time line was awkward...
so I went with the flow...
I took the risk and dropped in!

Thank-you Lovella, for the time of day and hospitality.
We've been waiting so long for the sun to shine,
And it didn't take long and we had coffee outside,
just enjoying a quick friendly visit.

It was fun to share a recipe with her.
A while back I posted an Amish Friendship Loaf,
and her comment was.
"I want one right now!"
So I thought this was an opportune time.

"It's so worth revisiting this long lost art of dropping by."

It looks like we have the sun for only one day.
I'll be outside and remember all those tools on my last post?
They are still standing there.
Drop by, I'll gladly give you one and a coffee in the other hand.


  1. I'm dropping by for a hello. Hope you have a great day! (I do wish someone would clean my bedroom!)

  2. I loved it that you just dropped in. . .and clarifying here for your readers. wasn't me that turned you away the first time :).

    I remember too when we had drop ins for coffee and I sure do miss having a neighbor that loves to do that. Thanks for the bag of batter!!

  3. I love surprises like someone dropping by, but it's not something that's done anymore. I miss that! It is a very good question - and who knows, if I'm ever down your way, I may just pop in!

  4. There's a certain kind of hospitality involved with dropping in and I believe we're losing the art of it. When life has to be scripted down to the last minute there seems to be little time for a pot of coffee and chat between friends in the sunshine. It sounds like the drop-in was just the thing to do!
    .....and I loved the bedroom-cleaning story.

  5. I'd surely drop by today, if I didn't have my own tools that needed to be put to work. How fun to see the friendship loaf making the rounds!

  6. Sweet post Marg and yes dropping in isn't like it used to be for sure. Thanks for clarifying that wasn't you Lovella LOL!
    My tools need to be shaken off and put to good use but I'm having company for dinner so my kitchen will be the only place I mess about today! Enjoy the sunshine!

  7. I have always loved drop in company. It happened at our house again this week and my house was a MESS from unpacking but you know what? our friends didn't mind - we added more lettuce to the salad and shared the steaks and had a lovely meal together.

    Your Random Act of Kindness for your g-son came from your grandmother's heart. He'll remember that and perhaps pass it on sometime.

  8. I love Oma cleaning the bedroom... I smiled... it was exactly what I would have done!
    And what a lovely 'drop in' visit.... guest and hostess equally delighted!

  9. I loved that you cleaned his room for him. And, you got a special grandmom hug because he loves you.

    Dropping in is a good thing. I don't mind it at all. It is a nice treat to a day.


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