Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's FAVE Five ~ It's a Women's World!

Good Morning...It's April Fools.
I remember waking up to that day in my early years.
There was nothing more satisfying to catch my brothers unaware.
Today I want to introduce some women folk to you.
believe it or not...they are for real.
Can you recognize them?
Who says that women can't take up a challenge in a man's world?

On our last ski trip three weeks ago...we encountered more snow than ever.
There was a long 3 foot alley about 200 feet long totally plugged up.
What was management to do?
The first day, the bob cat was operated by a man....
He broke a hydraulic hose because he hit the snow bank with such impact.

The second day, there was a women operating the bob cat.
Sure enough, like most of us, she's hauling the snow away...
and at the same time she was texting on her phone.
I smiled through my window and waved to her.
It took a women to complete the job.
click on the photo for proof

Guess what I found the next day...
She looked like a Mennonite women doing her exercise routine.
Again, women will rise to the challenge.

It's early spring...I looked out my window,
I saw another women, operating equipment, plowing the field.

You can tell that she is keeping her head to the ground.
I can guarantee you that she is not TEXTING!
And no, she is not wearing a set of BOSE headphones.

And guess Mennonite lady,
made her first Zweiback....tried and tested.
After all these years, she kneaded her first batch by hand.
This is totally true...No April Fools Joke here.

Quickly take a peek to see what Susanne is doing out
at Living to Tell a Story.
You can join Susanne with all the fun.
Just select your favorite highlights and share them with everyone.

From buns to operating heavy equipment.
We can do it all.
That's no April Fool's Joke!


  1. I agree that women are amazing! I think we tend to look at things as little parts-just a lot of them, while men see one big picture.
    If you put enough effort into those little parts you can accomplish great things.
    Thanks for appreciating the music of Bocelli. He is one of my favorites!
    Have a fun weekend!

  2. Love it Marg! This is a wonderful post and you are an amazing woman! Love the snow shot with that apron on!!

  3. What? You made a fool of yourself in the snow? I love it! I'm hoping that apron didn't flip up and over as you rode down the slopes.

  4. So enjoyed reading your post!! Let's hear it for women - and men - as we work together as a team! Can't believe all that snow!!! The Zwieback buns look delish!!

  5. Women are truly amazing - we are given the strength we need to rise to challenges that we otherwise dream of/dread!

  6. OH I laughed. should maybe add "crazy" to the list of your exercise woman. .ha ha!

  7. Marg... you do rise to the challenge ... no fooling! These photos prove it!

  8. HA! I enjoyed this -- made me smile.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

  9. Those golden mounds in the oven are making my mouth water! Yum!

    Your post made me smile.

  10. Aren't we GREAT?? (except I'm not so good on the operating big machines although I can read a map AND ask for directions!)

  11. Hooray for girl power! I love this post, you really had a great week!


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