Monday, April 25, 2011

Splashes of Easter Color

A real highlight was to be able to feel the pages,
touch the BOOK and even smell a hint of dill.

Can I help, but be so happy to share the book with Papa?

Of course, I'm proud to share this with my sister and my
wonderful sister in laws.. who gave high accolades,
and were totally surprised and blown away.

My brother said,
"At least it looks contemporary."

I tried something new with cheese cloth and sieves.
Thank You Ellen for sharing your wonderful recipe with me.
Everyone questioned me as I assembled this new dish,

"What's this?"

Bricks and all, laying on top of the spread.
That's how you squeeze the liquid out of the farmer's cheese.

The outcome?
Seenery Paska Spread, made many years ago by my Grandmother.
which tastes and schmecks gut on Paska.

Fingers picking at the fresh turkey...for Sunday lunch.
That's called family participation.

The older boy took on a competitive edge.
"How could it be that his younger brother found more eggs?"

Last but not least, I think I look like a colorful bunny myself.
A great weekend filled with family festivities.


  1. Resurrection Sunday - what a fabulous day! Loved your photos and that you had an awesome time. Blessings!

  2. What fun to see everyone enjoying Easter together. I so enjoy knowing what everyone said about the book to the girls. If people knew that. ..they'd surely work on the quotes being passed on. (thinking of your brother :)
    Enjoy the next week of festivities too!

  3. A colourful Easter remembered! Great job on the paska spread. It looks like a good time all around...good food, unveiling of the cookbook and fun with the grands.

  4. Marg, your seerney paska looks beautiful. You really got that liquid squeezed out good!!
    Looks like a fun day. Oh I think I need to go out and find me a cookbook stand before my box gets here.

  5. Congratulations on the book. It is all so exciting.

    I am glad you had a nice Easter with your family. I bet you were everyone's favorite Easter bunny.

  6. Awww, I love the photo journal of your day! A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

    I'm so excited about your cookbook. Were I not such a procrastinator these days I would have sent one to my mom for Mother's day. Perhaps a belated gift...

    Happy Easter. He is RISEN!

  7. You look great in that skirt, Marg! Love the picture of the boys with their eggs!

  8. Your food pictures make me hungry (I just got home from school)! It looks like you had a great Easter.

  9. Your Sereny Paska looks like it was a success. And the turkey - well it looks good enough to eat!

  10. What a great Easter celebration you had. From the oldest to the youngest and everyone between. That is one huge paska...and I should have stopped by to dip into that spread...

  11. Grand thing to have to share!
    That is the biggest paska loaf I have ever seen. Hey...maybe you can make Guinness Book of World Record for baking the biggest paska. Lovella might win for most paska bake in one Easter season.


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