Friday, April 15, 2011

Dough Everywhere!

I finally came home..
with dough still rising in my car.
Other's left the dough in Lepp's ovens,
waiting to be baked and eaten by some willing helpers.

You've got it!
It's near midnight, meanwhile my kitchen continued to be busy.

I barely got them out of the oven,
and I heard the words from the upstairs bedroom.

"Can you bring up some more Paska?"

I kept running up and down the stairs,
listening to these words...

"It's never tasted better in the middle of the night."

I dream't Paska and Zweiback all night.
More on Monday...
Have a great weekend.


  1. I'm laughing Marg. .I can almost imagine the scene in your home. Well. least it had enough time to rise.

  2. Oh no! You've create a midnight paska eating monster!

  3. Fun memories! Good for you!

  4. I'm thinking you started a new Easter tradition...paska in bed at midnight!

  5. I can just taste it! I look forward to hearing more details of the class.

  6. That's literally a night time snack:)Love it!

  7. I came down to the kitchen at Bev and Harv's this morning and he was eating paska with the spread. LOL! So we had both ends of the clock working that paska over!!
    I am one tired 60 year old!

  8. Oh Marg.. that was cute! I'm finding myself in a lot of dough here as well. The humididy and heat make everything rise real fast... hardly any time to do anything in-between.... the paska almost came to greet me when I was out too long during a rise today.

  9. I loved your story of the night snack....what a hoot! I think I should come for night and call out my food orders.


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