Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cruising Along!

My little boys and big boys have spent hours
building and creating Lego projects,
from bulldozers, to excavators,
from chair lifts to escalators...
It goes on and on.
What else do you do on Sunday's?

Their latest project was a Cruise Ship!
If you look carefully you will recognize that it's not
the Celebrity, Carnival, Norwegian,
Holland American or Crystal Cruise Lines...
but this is the Disney Cruise Line,
with all the fun water slides and amenities that
brings the world alive in the minds of young and old.
We've been dreaming about this for years with our extended family.
Grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren,
ranging from the ages of 3-90 will be enjoying
a wonderful week filled with festivities.

This morning we are boarding with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
If you take a close peak inside you will see us all waving goodbye.

We'll see you later.


  1. Have a wonderful, Minnie and the whole gang!

    And don't forget to take 'notes'. That's why we have Canon, right?

  2. Oh I do wish you all a wonderful time with your extended and close family. I'm wanting you to take notes as well ...for a few years down the road.

  3. Have fun and hold the Mickey banner high! Why? because we love you.
    Sorry I couldn't resist...this brought back memories of the Mickey Mouse Club...
    But seriously relax and have a good time!

  4. Have a fantastic trip!!

  5. Oh fun......I love that you all come together and enjoy life. Oh the stories we will hear.....can't wait. Till then you enjoy!

  6. What a great opportunity to have the whole family together in such fun surroundings! Have fun!

  7. Have a wonderful time Marg! I hope to do this one day with my grandsons.

    I am enjoying reading your recipes in the MGCC cookbook!

  8. I know you must be have a wonderful time. We love, love, love Disney.♥

  9. Now that's a dream of a trip! I hope you have the time of a lifetime with all your family. I've had this dream since the grands started to arrive - I'll be so interested in your thoughts when you get home.


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