Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feeling Ripped OFF!

I did not believe him!
He told me that there was drifting snow at the farm.
Our home and farm are just around the corner,
and in the country that could mean,
just a few miles down the road.

So I asked my chauffeur to take me for a ride in the dark.
Sure enough...I found the place.
He was right....
Does that not look like 2-3 foot drift?
Sure enough...
As most of you know...
I love the snow and need a good blizzard.

If you look hard enough, you can see the drifting along the fence line.
And better yet, it was beginning to snow....

By the time we arrived home...just a few miles down the road,
rain was pelting on our windshield.

A skiff of snow...barely enough to cover my tulip bulbs.

And these foot prints are proof, to let you know it's a slight dusting.
Do you think there's enough snow for me to declare a snow day?
Our weather pattern has played havoc with us this winter.

Next week...I will get my fill for the season,
as we pack our ski gear and head toward the interior,
and rip down those slopes.


  1. WE could almost see the difference from our back yard view and front yard view this week.....interesting where God draws the line. I can imagine you ripping down those have a lot of energy!

  2. I think that this year I'll pass on visiting the snow, however much fun a week in the mountains might be. We've had enough snow over here to last me a long time! Two snow days last week and I've been shoveling and sanding to get down the drive all this week. I hope you have a great time on the slopes!

  3. Snow? What's snow? Oh that stuff which once in a while falls on the mountains inland from here and makes everything white? Oh, that's snow :)

    When Southern Cal gets even 1/2 inch, the whole world stops.

    Enjoy your ski trip!

  4. I'm glad you get to escape to the hills to have some fun!

  5. Having grown up on the prairie . .I miss the drifting snow. It reminds me of the years my dad would groan as the snow drifted and all I could think about was cancelled school.

  6. And this is March! Well, you go get your fill of snow & hopefully by the time you get home...spring will be herre.


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