Monday, March 21, 2011

Farmers Do It With Flair!

It was a few weeks ago...when we had this young couple drop in at our house. You can tell by their smiles that they are the kind of people who love to have fun. We had a wonderful evening and he delivered us this beautiful gift. It's a ceramic cookie jar in the shape of truck, wearing the logo of Sunrise. If you farm chickens you will have met Mr & Mrs. Sunrise and will have made acquaintances with the Sunrise Processing Plant.

This truck can be seen delivering all kind of different chicken products to local restaurants or larger grocery stores. But as you can see, in our also delivers freshly baked cookies. The grands are always wondering what's in the truck.

Well, one day we get this invite from the Sunrise Company to join them at the BCAC Gala (BC Agriculture Council). Which farmer would decline an invitation like this. I had already informed my husband that he would not be wearing his 505 Boot Cut Levi's for this occasion.

Later in the evening at the gala, I decided to ask the other women, if any of them helped their husband's assemble their wardrobes. Well, this opened the table for discussion. One farmer had to purchase a new jacket that day, and because there was a 2 for 1 sale at Moore's that week...he came home with two new jackets. One guy wore a striped shirt, plaid jacket and a tie with diagonal stripes. His wife turned to me and said, "Can't you tell he's Dutch?" The next guy complained that he was the only guy with a white shirt.... Most of these men are happy country guys, wearing their 505's. Getting them to the gala is no's getting them dressed the right way. We're still smiling at some of the stories that will not be recorded.

Farmers come and go in all sorts, shapes and sizes. But one thing for sure....when they get together, none of that matters. Good times are to be held.

Each year they choose one outstanding young farmer. Unfortunately, our age group does not qualify anymore. Congratulations to Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein, outstanding farmers in BC. In 2001 they bought a 5 acre orchard in Cawston, BC. Today they farm over 40a acres and provide produce year round. They market their products not only locally, but through the Vancouver Farmer's market. This young progressive couple have worked hard to create a farming environment that is sustainable and at the same time provides a lifestyle for their family of four aged, 5-13.
Their goals continue to find ways to improve their organic farming practices, educate people on what they are eating and pass out this knowledge to other young farmers starting out.
You will find them qualifying for the Nationals this Fall!

Congratulations to the Klippensteins!


  1. Congratulations to the young farm couple! My husband is not a farmer, but he might as well be as far as the way he likes to dress. He is most comfortable in his levis, too! What a fun night to dress up and celebrate.

  2. I know you all had a wonderful time with wonderful company.

    My father-in-law was an overalls farmer. You seldom got him in regular pants.

  3. Hmmm - I wonder which farmer thought he was the only one in a white shirt! The Great Dane's uniform includes a blue plaid jacket. I have threatened to have it wired for sound so that an alarm will let me know if he ever wears it past the driveway.
    Congrats to the young farm couple - I hope they inspire more!

  4. I heard about the farmer's gala...seems to me we were out of the country at the time. It's not always easy to recognize the farmers...once they are cleaned up! I rather like the 'Levi uniform' long as it is clean.

    I see you chicken farmers stick together!

    I like your new cookie truck. Now try keeping it filled.

  5. What fun Marg. All the farmers look fabulous all dressed up. Congrats to the young-uns!

  6. OH it is nice to see men dress up now and then. They often find they are rewarded for their efforts to look smart for an evening.
    Cute Cookie jar.
    Will you keep it on your island?

  7. Great looking cookie jar..that will be a favorite place to check.
    I quite like the Levi look:)

  8. I always wonder if men who dislike dress clothes are physically uncomfortable because they buy ill fitted garments or emotionally uncomfortable after having mothers fuss at them about not r "ruining" their good outfits in a moment of boyishness.

    My husband and son both wound up owning tuxedos and didn't even blink about throwing their suits on. Son Jeff had to wear a tux for a week in high school, I still remember how funny it was to see him eating Trix cereal on morning in a tux!

  9. Looks like your table was quite the party. Those poor boys having to wear (as my hubby calls them) monkey suits!


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