Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do You Feel Robbed?

There is no better place than to enjoy the amenities of Big White!
Fun for young and old!

His first day...lessons and all.
Getting all measure up, as Opa supervises closely.

Skiing in The Discovery Program...and on to the next....level.

"Look I can ski"

We can't forget those silly photos, can we?

Learning to ride safely up the chair, and lifting off.

Finally he get's to ski with Opa and show him the trails.

Through the trails and passage ways we flew,
we found the home of "Winnie the Pooh!

The evening dared each other into the pools and hot tubs.
Who could sit in the snow the longest??

Pool time in the dark was always a fun time.

Never a dull moment.
The evenings led to competition with Fuss Ball!

Then Snakes & Ladders, Parcheesi and Checkers.
Remember the game, Pick up Sticks? He loved it!

The resort, Sun Dance left us with an unbelievable view.
Most times I'm dead to the world, and miss the best...
but not this time!
We left early in the morning at 6:30 am.
Yes, we awoke to the Dance of the Sun.

His last wish was for a sugar glazed and sprinkled donut from Tim's!
At the end of the week, John looked at me and said,
"Do you feel robbed from your ski trip?" knowing my love for the sport.
"Not one bit, I feel honored, and I'd do it all over again."
You bet! We'll do this again!


  1. What a fun experience for your grandson! That looks like a perfect place to make some fun memories (and learn a new skill). Lucky boy and lucky you!

  2. You all must have had so much fun. And, what wonderful memories you created.

    He is adorable. And, he looks like he's loving that donut.

  3. Such wonderful memories you are storing away. Looks like lots of fun!

  4. Robbed? The look on your face says it all - you had the best of it! The memories he's stored up, the expectations you've put in place, the example of love and patience......riches!

  5. It looks like you all had the time of your life! Beautiful place...great memories. You almost have me wanting to hit the ski hill. (...almost!).

  6. Precious time! What a gift to each of you to be able to invest into each others lives. I loved seeing you on the slopes with your little guy and big guy.....I'm sure there will be many more times on skis together.....he will be asking you to race very soon. You are a wonderful Oma.

  7. I'd say you got the best gift and it's one that you will never lose--the memories!

  8. How special for you to share one of your favourite activities with your grandboy.
    I love the tulips on your header. Makes me look forward to Spring!

  9. Those are excellent photo of a fabulous memory you made! Blessings1

  10. Oh Marg such wonderful memories to cherish ..and cherish them you will!

  11. Hi Marg! What a wonderful photo journal of your trip with your grandson! Printing this post would make nice scrapbook pages!
    He looked so happy to be with you ♥ what a love!

    Thank you so much for visiting me... yes, this is the time in our lives when we take care of parents... and still guiding our adult children. My mother in law used to say "you never stop being a parent." She was so right!
    I wish you a wonderful, restful weekend*
    ~ Maria

  12. So jealous of those who get to take proper lessons to learn to ski while young. As the saying goes: "I wuz robbed!" cuz at age 40 I was on my first ski attempt stuck into ill fitted ski boots and skis, plopped into a lift chair and told to just "pizza pie" my ski tips down the hill...I would do just fine.

    Yeah right...the snow was rock hard refrozen to a slab of ice.

    Pizza pie my Aunt Fanny. I'm still having heart palpitations just thinking about that trip.

    I will say a later trip that involved fresh powder was delightful.


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