Friday, February 11, 2011

When You Least Expect It!

It all started early.
A quick work out at the gym at 8:00 am
A good brisk walk on a sunny clear day at 9:15 am.
Then it's time to shower and clean up.

But not today.

My walking partner needed some Farmer Sausage,
so I told her where we could dash to a local farmers market,
dressed in disguise...and pick up a few items.

We drove along smiling because we were on a mission.
We stopped and picked up our Rempel's Farmer Sausage, Vereneki and Noodles.
We are definitely planning in advance for the weekend.
Isn't that what Menno's do?

At the counter, I was busy chatting it up, about Rempel's Farmer Sausage,
and she began telling me about this website on-line with great recipes.

I said, "Oh, do you have your own website with recipes?"
"I'm always looking for new recipes."

She timidly looks at me and mumbles something about Mennonite Girls.
My walking partner points a finger straight at me...and says,

"She's one of them."

The clerk then proceeds to share her favorite MGCC recipe,
" Corn Chowder, made by Marg."

Oh my....
By now my face is all shades of red.
I'm wearing my toque, heavy jacket, workout clothes...
and my face was left at home.
I started apologizing for my appearance,
but then on the other hand I thought,
"That's who, I really am."

We all know how to dress for GLOBAL TV, or for THE PROVINCE,
or cooking classes, or interviews,
but when you really get down to it,
sometimes, most times, most of us are plain ordinary women.

I'm hoping the MGCC group will forgive me for a misrepresentation.
It's like the old saying goes....
"Don't be surprised if sometime, somewhere, someplace when you least expect it, someone steps up to you and says, smile! You're on Candid Camera"

Meanwhile, my birthday's coming up this weekend...

Does it really matter?

I'm celebrating my last year of a decade!

Red-necked or not, it's my day to call the shots!
Celebrations have begun!


  1. What a great post! I love that you are a "real" person (sans makeup, etc.) I can't tell you how many times I have hurried to a store with my old gardening clothes on and run into someone I knew. It is always embarrassing.
    I hope you have a Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Oh Marg .. .I was expecting something terribly embarrassing like you wore a teatowel or your dress up clothes to town or something. Nope. ..I do that all the time. The way you dress is how they mostly know me at Neufeld's.
    Glad you are keeping it real on your birthday weekend. I love that you can be yourself and enjoy life to it's fullest.
    Have a very last year of the decade ... love you!

    my word verification is styie. So close really do have your own style.

  3. Ohh Marg... you did the MGCC proud ! Real is what we want to be seen as!
    May your birthday week-end be
    REAL-ly a special one !!! smile..
    And last year of a decade? means a new fresh one is coming up!

  4. Thanks for the chuckle, Marg! I love that you keep life real - and I'm sure the face you took to the market was better than any face that was left at home!
    Best wishes on your birthday!

  5. You just have not seen me when I have to just run to the bank on my day off or to pick up milk. I love your casual day attire.....and i have seen you in that hat before and like it on you. Glad you had a fun day with your friend and got caught off guard. So fun that the lady actually talked about YOUR chowder recipe.
    You just be you....dressed up or's all good.....but I thought too that you may be sporting some funny get up....or a tea towel. No one would do that...would they?
    Happy birthday my friend. It is your day...go have fun!

  6. You're unique Marg - no matter how you're dressed and we all love you for how real you are on the inside - where it really counts.
    How cool it is that the clerk's favourite was one of your specialties.

  7. Great to find real people - wherever we are! No pretensions, no vanities, nothing fake, just a real joy because we are a child of God. Blessings on your birthday and have a great week-end!

  8. That's who I am says it all..I like that! Have a wonderful birthday weekend no matter what.
    I too thought there might be a tea towel in there somewhere..

  9. You know that's always the way it is; you go out without your makeup on 'just this once', 'for a quick dash to the store' and that's the day you'll see a student's mom at the market or half a dozen people from church or the neighborhood!

    Yes, EVERY birthday matters! Happy Birthday!

  10. Marg, I love this "realness" about you ... great post! We can all identify. May your birthday weekend be blessed beyond what you expect.

  11. Love the real you Marg! You are ending a decade and I'm beginning a new one. May God bless you richly this year and always!!

  12. I'm smiling, Marg. You are who you are...I am who I am. And sometimes we hide under nice clothes and make-up...but not usually! Being real is a good thing.

    And you have a really good weekend, my friend! You deserve to be celebrated.

  13. This past week I was at a seminar and the speaker was talking on communication and the problems with it today, how to just strike a conversation with a total stranger and all sorts of other stuff.
    One thing I found interesting, is we stay quiet, listening to others a lot and walk away not letting anyone know who we are, everyone has a story. He said shout it out, make sure you wear your story well, tell others, it reinforces your own strengths (speaking in public) that said I don't think we should all walk the streets shouting out what we are able to do but yes take those compliments when they come.

  14. Oh Marg . . . glad you are real! Have a very happy birthday and many blessings in the year ahead.

    Gloria S.

  15. Happy Birthday!

    I love your post...and I think you look lovely.

  16. The life of a celebrity apparently is now your life too! Are we not constantly reminded that we are Christ's ambassadors, and yet that is not nearly as sobering as being identified for being on the news or something we wrote or did. I think they are both the same, and yet, the later feels more peculiar.
    Something to ponder for me too.


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