Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She's Half Ways There!

This post is to cheer on my basketball road trip buddy.
I've gone to many a game with Elsie,
but this weekend, she did not show up...
I knew why...

She has been on a health journey since summer.
Every month she travels the long road to Vancouver with her beloved...
spends the whole day in the IV Chemo clinic and travels back home.
Her blood counts are dropping rapidly and she was hoping for no more treatments,
but her doctors want to make sure that she has a positive outcome,
and told her 'she's half-ways there!'

I know this has been a rough road for you,
and so as I sat at the game...alone,
I knew what it meant for you to attend the TWU Seniors Games.
(A Seniors Game is the last game in the home gym, meaning
they have completed five years of playing ball in the CIS level.)

TWU Girl Spartans Team cheering on for Corina!

TWU Men's Spartan Teams!
Yes, it was emotional just like last year!

We have sat together at many Senior Games,
watching our own children go through that final Senior Game.
We know the excitement and emotions that go along each player.
Those emotions always pull at our heart strings.

Can you see Corina biting her lips?
You bet...so was I and so were others.
Here's Corina!

And her loving family...they never miss a game!

I did not want you to miss Jacob's family.
We all have fond memories of Trevor's and Jacob's special friendship.

And then there's Danny's family that is always cheering him on.
Your son Jon, played with many of these seniors....
And yes, we both would of been sitting together wiping our tears.

But I know there's a future for the Spartans as they are heading off to the
Western Finals at the end of February.
I'm hoping we can take that road trip together again.

Hey, a favor to all my special blog friends.
Please say a prayer for Elsie...
She's half ways there and needs all our support.



  1. What a great post Marg! I'm praying for Elsie right now.

  2. I will pray for Elsie...what a great cheerleader you are for so many...not only in sports, but on life's journey. Keep on!

  3. What spirit!
    You can be sure that I will keep Elsie in my prayers today - she'll be in centre court!

  4. Good post Marg..am praying for Elsie.

  5. From Jake!
    My eyes were moist, Marg. Great photos. What a blessed gift friends are to us --- keep posting; our prayers are reaching Elsie as we speak.

  6. I just said a prayer for you Elsie, and I will continue.

    It is a long and hard road, but she will make it with the support of those who love her.

  7. I noticed Elsie was missing in action this weekend...and will continue to pray for her as she completes 'the game plan'. She needs all the cheerleaders we can round up! Good post Marg.

  8. Elsie's in my prayers every day as I pass her home. You're such an encourager Marg - keep it up. As you bless others, you also will be blessed.
    Your love for your team comes through this post loud and clear. Yeah Spartans!

  9. Wonderful post Marg. Everyone is sure team spirited. It was nice of you to capture this for Elsie

  10. yes Marg. ..I am praying for Elsie. Thank you for the wonderful gentle reminder.
    I hope she is there with you for the next big game.
    Oh. . and I recognized Corina's family too as my brother and sister in law's great friends.

  11. I cannot even imagine the strength needed to finish off the last half of chemo! Definitely praying for her again!

  12. Ann-Marie and DanFebruary 12, 2011

    Wow Marg!! Mary Sache passed this on to us. We were brought to tears....Nice photos!! That was a special night but it all happened so fast.. nice to see it on photos and your blog. Yes Elsie has been in our thoughts and prayers.


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