Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hey,...It's Our Day!

Here it is,
another day,
another year...
time moves ahead...
but the memories never fade...
We share this day together and even
though we are miles apart...I'm still singing
Happy Birthday to you...from the bottom of my heart!
Happy Birthday Mikki!

This is our day together and I toast to your dreams for the future,
where ever your heart and road my lead you.

Somehow, I cannot conclude this special wish without
thinking how fortunate I am to have two grown daughters.
It is really something to witness this sort of maturation in your own child,
the adult settling-in, the taking-on of responsibility in life.
You raise them for it, and for awhile, but honestly,
when it happens you can't help marveling a little.

It sort of feels like an ongoing apprenticeship,
just like everything else in life that matters to me__
being a mother, a wife, a daughter, or simply
a women alive in the world, learning to be content to be myself.

"What children take from us, they give.
We become people who feel more deeply,
question more deeply, and love more deeply."
Sonia Taitz

I love being your MOM!


  1. Happy Birthday, Marg! Happy Birthday, Mikki!

    How special to share your day with your daughter. Double the fun...I'm sure! Wishing you both a wonderful day...and many blessings in the year that lies before you.

  2. Have a blessed birthday and a fantastic year! I can certainly relate with the feelings of joy, gratitude and pride in our children and how they have matured!

  3. Beautifully said Marg! You have a way with words. Happy Birthday to you both. Have a great day. Dairymary

  4. Every year, a double celebration - how wonderful! Happy Birthday to you and your daughter. I wish you a full and happy day!

  5. Great post, Marg! Happy Birthday, Mikki!

    I love your quote at the end. One of my 'daughters' is suddenly moving to Australia because of the love of her life. And that quote is exactly what I've tried to is so bittersweet that she is leaving but I know that I love much more deeply because of her...and my other daughter.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. Happy Birthday to you BOTH !!! Marg and Mikki !! Wow! how did you plan that one, Marg?
    But what a special thing to share between you!
    A poignant and insightful post!

  7. Oh how fun Marg! I didn't realize you and Mikki shared a birthday.
    Love that quote and your thoughts. It is so good to see our children mature.
    Happy Birthday Marg and Mikki!

  8. Birthday wishes times two! It is wonderful celebrating life together with those we love. I know you share a special relationship...may this year be even richer. Cheers to you both.

  9. Guess what? I had my daughter on my birthday too; April 2nd - almost 34 years ago. And now, she's due with her fourth child ( a girl) at the end of March. How amazing would it be to have a third generation on the same day?!?
    It could happen!
    Happiest of birthdays to you & your daughter.

  10. Happy Birthday dear Marg and Mikki! What a treasure you had the year you gave birth to a baby girl. I know she has blessed you every year since.

  11. Happy Birthday to you and your sweet girl. I know just what you mean about them growing up into wonderful adults. They are always a treasure.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Marg.♥

  12. Happy Birthday to mom and daughter! I had my first one close to my Birthday and my second one on our Anniversary! Certainly, special gifts to share special days with.
    May you both be blessed in abundance in this coming year ... and the distance in miles just draw you closer.

  13. Happy Birthday to both of you! I hope you get to do something wonderful!

  14. Happy Birthday Mikki - you have a wonderful mom! Happy birthday Marg - your daughter is a treasure.
    I too feel so blessed in my daughter. It is a wonderful thing to have children who share a kindred heart.

  15. Happy Birthday, Marg and Mikki
    What a wonderful post, enjoyed reading. It is nice to look back and see how your children have come on the road that they follow

  16. Hope the birthday girls had a great day.
    Love the quote!


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