Thursday, February 3, 2011

He's Always a Winner!

We're always in competition whether it's skiing or cycling. You name it! He's not happy till he whirls his ski poles and knocks me over, into the deepest snowbanks he can find.

Don't look so stunned! We are going on a bike trip...We've headed down the Lockside Trail that connects Victoria to Schwartz Bay, the ever popular bike trip (29 km/18 mi) off-road paths and bike lanes. Cyclists are rewarded with views of agricultural land, beaches, marshes and suburban yards.

Did I say agricultural land?

But as usual, he always has another plan, I thought we'd rest...and tackle the path back to Victoria. No, he saw the bus, and figured....Why not?
I must admit, it was an amazing cruise back to Victoria, sitting on the upper deck!

Come on! You can do it....Finally, after hesitation, he grabs my hand and walks along Odgens Point! "We Can Do It, I holler!"
I loved it as we strolled along the waters edge.
He's always motivated if there's a coffee shop at the other end.

Then he chooses to ride the Galloping Goose Trail, just a bit more challenging than Lochside.
Guess who's smiling and waiting for me at the top of the hill?
Don't forget, he has a motorized bike...I am left pedaling the old fashioned style.
He stands at the top and he watches me walk my bike up the steep slope.
He loves being the winner!

But guess who I found snoozing in the park later that day? I think I was the winner...but actually

He is the winner today, but only today....

It's his birthday!
Come on!
Let's cheer this tired man on!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your winner! Loved your recap of the day..what fun:)

  2. Happy Birthday! What a fun day--that sounds like something my 'winner' would enjoy :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your competitive, go-for-it, winning man! I'll bet there'll be a wonderful family celebration at your house.
    The next time you take that trip, do call.......

  4. Happy Birthday, John! Now that calls for a celebration, for sure.

  5. Happy Birthday to your winner!! Oops I guess Betty already said that. Happy birthday to your racer! I want to know where to get a motorized bike...

  6. Happy Birthday to your man! May you be blessed with many more adventures with him.

  7. Happy Birthday to an energetic competitive man who's got the perfect mate from what I can see.
    All the best for the coming year, and may you have many more exciting endeavors.

  8. Wow! Iron man kinda guy! Birthday joy to you!

  9. A very happy Birthday to your dh - mine is a Feb. man too!

  10. OH happy birthday to your man. I loved seeing the pictures and hearing your voice of love as you wrote about his enthusiasm for life.
    Blessings to you both as you walk through another year together.

  11. What a fun birthday celebration! It's been so cold here that we haven't even been able to go outside for recess. I'm looking forward to some spring activities.

  12. I will also pass on the birthday greetings, as I did to our 5 yr old grandson this morning! Enjoy Victoria - we did the Lochside trail just 5 years ago - it was warm and sunny! Dairymary

  13. You are wise to hang out with a winner. Happy Birthday to your winning fellow.

  14. Happy Birthday...a winner he is.

  15. Thanks for the bike trip,
    yes a winner and a Happy Birthday wish also


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