Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Lovella

It's your Day!
You've been our cheer leader.
You've been are our visionary leader....
You've inspired us...
You've motivated us...
You've chosen us...
You have gone up and beyond.
You've gone far beyond our dreams.

Some days you have driven us crazy...
'check those recipes'
'check your setting on your cameras...'
'higher resolutions girls....'
'what about your spelling'
'retake those photos..they won't do'

'Who wants to do an interview on CTV?
First one responds, is in....'
Opportunities galore!
Go, Kathy, Go!!!
This is your debut.

'Lepp Farms has invited us to cook...Who's in??'
I'm feeling tired, Lovella....
Where do you get your energy?
We all pull up our socks....
Yes, we'll be your assistants.

We've had so much fun!
The book is coming out shortly.
The due dates are coming.

'Who has an endorsement?'
What's that? we all ask ourselves....
We run to the internet/google to find out the meaning.

'Who has a forwards...?'
We need a forward?
To me that means a position in basketball.
But, not to Lovella.

She has encouraged, led, paved the way.
She exemplifies what she says...(most times)
We've had so much fun coming together.
You've believed in us...
You've shared your vision and it's to unveil shortly.
We're all waiting.

Thanks for giving us the time of our lives.

Happy Birthday, Lovella and many more to come.

Run over to Lovella's blog and celebrate her special day!


  1. Happy Birthday to Lovella! She sounds like a great friend who knows the right amount of pushing to help one grow!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lovella!.....and a big 'high five' to the rest of you who seem to have a bottomless store of energy and ideas!

  3. Aww Marg. ..really? You did a post just for me? Shoot. .I'm blushing here. Thank you for looking for the positive in who I am. I did see that fine print and I'm glad you kept it real. The real winner is me . . .it really is. You girls might have needed a few pushes to learn some new things but you never give up on me or yourselves and that matters so much to me.

  4. Oh Marg...only you! What a cheer leader and encourager you are. We do have a good leader in Lovella...Happy Birthday my friend!

  5. You said it well Marg and you made me smile:)
    Happy Birthday Lovella and yes we did get stretched this year. I almost thought it wouldn't be possible but you prodded and encouraged us and we made it. Thank you Lovella. Celebrate your day!

  6. Marg.. thanks for this smile! Great thoughts you put together there! You are a true cheerleader! What Lovella does in regard to recipes and blogging.. you do on the slopes and on the court.
    I, for one, have needed the prodding and am so glad for the new things I've learned... I am blessed to be part of a group of women who encourage me to go farther.

    Oh... a forward is a basketball position.. a foreword is an introduction to a book. Doesn't that make sense now?

  7. I'm smiling...and nodding! Great tribute to our tireless leader on her birthday. It's been a fun ride...and I'm so glad we could do it together with Lovella at the helm! Happy Birthday, Lovella.

    Thanks, Marg.

  8. You've said it so well Marg - I'm endorsing every accolade. Happy Birthday Lovella. (the word verification is 'expertso' which describes our Lovella so well.)

  9. Happy Birthday to your special friend. I can tell she is well loved by many.♥


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