Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's FAVE Five ~ Birthday Favorites

It's my Favorite Five Show Case!
It's been a month of birthday celebrations, back and forth.
It's always fun to share our highlights with our host, Susanne.
Check out what's happening at her blog.
I've learned something interesting over this past year.
It seems like I have other family members that also enjoy the culinary arts.

I loved it! It was my birthday last weekend and
I was asked to bring my large steamer pot,
some shears, seafood name it.
By now, she's got me wondering what's on the menu?
Never did I think that I would be served live lobster.
This was one gourmet, elegant meal with all the trimmings.

Only to be followed, with a delicious dark chocolate fondant cake.
Where does she find her cake decorating skills?
She told me...."MGCC"
She said, "When I'm stuck, I always look on your cooking blog."

Well, would you believe it?
I tried my first attempt at Napoleon Cake.
Thanks to Anneliese for a wonderful tutorial,

as I carefully followed the steps using my Grandmother's recipe.
My Grandmother only made this for very special occasions
This was served for the King's birthday, a week prior to mine.

While some were cooking lobster and cakes,
others were very busy making their special Valentine's cookies.
It's all about teaching them when they are young.
Somehow I have great difficulty in restricting them to one or two cookies.

Most of these cookies went straight to their tummies.
"I snitched another cookie, Oma."
Splurging and snitching they did.
We've all had a great time cooking and baking and
now it's time for a change.
I'm beginning to think it's nearly spring time!

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful birthday greetings.
It's been a wonderful month sharing these celebrations with you!


  1. What wonderful foods to celebrate with your family and friends. The live lobster is very tempting! I love to bake with my little ones, too. I think it is a great way to pass along the desire and skills for cooking. Have a great week!

  2. Lobster and sugar cookies....and spending time with those you love so much. Keep celebrating!

  3. That was a wonderful list of celebratory foods! Your birthday week sounds like it was a lot of fun, and in good company!

  4. I don't hear that word much anymore "snitched". So fun.
    The lobster looks really amazing. I would have loved to see a video of you cracking through that thing. It is a wonderful thing to celebrate within the family. You have a pretty loving family.

  5. Oh my. You’re making me hungry, especially that cake! Glad you had a great birthday.

  6. Looks like a wonderful week of celebration Marg! That cake your daughter made looks absolutely amazing. Hats off to her. You really must be the Queen getting lobster on your day! :0)

  7. What a great week, cooking with your family!

    Happy celebrating!

  8. Wow! Fresh Lobster and a fancy schmancy if that meal doesn't make you feel loved...and throw in two adorable cookie snitchers! Happy Birthday Week!

  9. Looks like a gourmet week to me! I'm so glad you were spoile like that. It wll looks amazing! It's hit me again how food is such an important part of celebrating... and when loved ones go to the effort of making something that takes time, it means a lot.

  10. Love all those foods you displayed Marg..the most precious are the cookies made with the boys:)

  11. Oh what a great birthday dinner! While the lobster was front and center in the photo, my eye went straight to the asparagus in the background...and that cake? Oh yeah!

    Oh I love those photos of you baking with your little ones! I don't think anyone really minded all the cookie snitching :)

  12. A very yummy looking week!! Mmm lobster is a summertime favourite here - we buy straight off the wharf. So delish! That chocolate fondant cake looks divine.

    Such fun times with your grands too! They'll have wonderful memories.

    A belated Happy Bday wish from PEI!

  13. Oh my word, that chocolate dessert looks divine! My mouth is just watering.

    Happy birthday to you! What a blessing to have a special dinner cooked for you.

  14. Look at all that wonderful goodness - made even better because it was shared with people you love. How fabulous!

  15. Oh Yum!... and Yum again! That brings back memories of having fresh lobster in Nova Scotia. What I'd give to do that again!
    Somehow food has a way of invoking wonderful memories. I'm sure your g-boys will experience that as they grow older. The memories will come flooding back of good times baking with Oma.


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