Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Needs Another Cookbook?

Many of you run to the MGCC blog...
push the 'friendly print button,'
and nicely place your recipe in a bookstand and begin to cook.

Well, the new generation says...
"That's too much bother. Look, Mom, you need an iPhone..."

I'm standing there, watching her maneuver those big oven mittens,
while using her iPhone, looking for the MGCC tutorial on gravy making.

And she succeeded...Thanks to MGCC!
You'll always find something cooking in her kitchen.
I wonder what that 'Menno generation' will call the next cook book?

Obviously, she's a happy girl...
Last week we thought we saw the end of her car...
As you know, a Civic is like a never dies.
Her father did some quick research, found a new used motor,
threw it back into the car...and she hasn't called since.
She's happy, we're happy and so is her Dog!
You see, she borrowed my car, while her car was on medical leave.
And she was courteous enough, to understand...
that dogs do not ride in her Mother's car!

Happy Birthday Suzanne!


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love looking at recipes on MGCC, but I am old school-I need a paper recipe to cook!

  2. How nice that she has her dad to help out with those car issues. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I'm amazed at her ability to work her iphone while wearing oven mitts.

  4. Happy Birthday Suzanne! iphones and oven mitts, how do they do that??
    Great tribute!

  5. Happy Birthday Suzanne. Brings back memories when you were my pal from Girls Club and we would celebrate your special day. Laurie

  6. Happy birthday Suzanne - I remember what a good friend you were to Rick way back in elementary school and I love hearing how you are doing today. Have a wonderful year!

  7. This next generation may not do everything we do, but they will do things we can't ... that's just what I'm learning . . . but somehow,seeing your daughter make gravy reminds me that deep downs we are still the same. Cute post and twist to a Birthday tribute! Happy Birthday,Suzanne! May the year ahead be special in many ways!

  8. A very happy birthday to Suzanne! Ha! the new generation taking their I-phones in to get repaired after they drop them in the gravy. Sorry couldn't resist. Cute young lady!

  9. Atta girl Suzanne! Why print out when the handy dandy iphone will pop up what you need? I do the exact same thing!

    Much joy to you in the coming year!

  10. It just now occured to me that our girls just might be the next generation to publish a book. They amaze me.
    Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

  11. Bravo for her. I have often thought of that myself.

  12. I've always just loved having cookbooks around, they make a darn good read ;)

  13. Enjoy your birthday celebrations, Suzanne! Glad your car is back on the road again...and your dog can join you on your travels once again.

  14. Lucky girl whose dad can fix cars and whose Mom lends her car! Happy Birthday, Suzanne!

  15. Your daughter is so pretty, Marg! Happy belated birthday to her!

    My daughter also has a Honda Civic. It saved her life in a crash a few years ago. The car crumpled but,thank God, she walked away.


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