Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Weekend We Forgot!

I thought I was stepping in the right direction.
I walked four blocks in those stilettos...
I came to the Orpheum...
(Vancouver's concert hall)
the doors were locked....
Have they changed the dates?
There were a few others checking things out.
The Salute to Vienna has always been hosted on January 1.
We pulled out our tickets.
We smiled, as we saw the tickets posted for
Sunday, January 2, 2011.

My feet were screaming at me...
now we had to walk all the way back...

I'm still learning the art to flex...flex what?
Oh yes, to be flexible, smile, reshuffle a few things,
and step right back into the program.

We did the two-step shuffle and
sure enough the doors opened on time the next day.
I managed to see the first half of this
New Year's Concert, 2011!

Over the can obviously tell that
stilettos were part of the decor in my home...

The Young Ones!

The old ones...but they are so comfortable.

And then there are always my runners...
They never scream at me and never let me down.

So no matter what your New Year looks like,
it's the bounce in your step that counts.

We'll always remember this New Year's 2011
by the weekend, we forgot.


  1. Don't you just love it when you do something that makes you smile at yourself? The happy ending here is that you were a day early, rather than a day late.
    Stilettos? They're fragments of the past, for me!

  2. One of my fun goals for 2011 is to learn how to walk in stilettos ! No real reason ~ just think it will be fun to have all of my friends over for an evening of laughter as we 'walk' around in our stilettos. Of course this means I need to go buy myself a pair since I do not own any high heeled shoes. I am a sneaker kind of girl ! Take care!

  3. I can see you now 'ouching' all the way...I can feel it. I have been there. Keep wearing does get better. Maybe one year runners will be in vogue for all outfits:)

  4. Stilletos? Wow, I don't even look at them in the store windows anymore! You go, girl!

    Loved your previous post with your recap of 2010 and the grands' surprise for 2011!

  5. Stilettos.. seeing the photo was like you seeing the ski slope on my blog... oh, I'm just keep surprising me with your flex ... going to the symphony and then to the mountains ... you go girl!

  6. I smile at this. I am nursing a bad blister on my left ankle. When choosing which runner to use for a long walk I picked a pair that I haven't worn often. Half way on the walk I realized why. .the left foot is a tad bigger and therefore the left shoe is a teensy bit to short. I had no choice but to grin and bear it and now I will have a good week of changing the bandaid for my walk. .in my proper runners.

    Learning to flex. . .a good thing.

  7. Oh that is funny. I'm glad you flexed it out! Sheesh those young-uns with those high heels. I'd cramp up just trying to get them on LOL!
    Fun post Marg!

  8. You're a brave girl walking in those shoes.
    The middle pair - your old pair, are my new ones this year and you're right - they are sooo comfortable.
    I saw just the thing to solve your problem on TV last night. A tiny package tied up with a pink ribbon. Inside, a soft pair of ballerina slippers and a bag to carry those high heels as you comfortably walk to and from your event.

  9. I am so impressed that you can wear those shoes! I am too fat, I have bunions, and I'm not steady enough! It looks like you have have some fun times!

    At least I haven't resorted to "old lady oxfords" yet!

  10. Stillettos? I'll let you be 'taller' and I'll walk 'shorter' beside you in comfort ! smile...
    I'm glad you didn't miss the concert.


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